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A Pokemon Fanfic: A Pokemon Fanfic: Chapter Twelve - Part 2 (Aqua vs. Magma)

by Bulba the Curious

Bulba the Curious #summercamp15

What sinister scheme could Team Aqua and Team Magma be up to? Norman and Lawrence are off to find out. Meanwhile, Gloria and Mr. Stone are off to find Norman and Lawrence!
Scene 28

Two figures under an umbrella stood at the base of Mt. Chimney, looking all around for some sort of shelter from the rain. Their rain jackets and boots kept them dry enough, but their umbrella could blow away any second now. The rain cast an eerie haze over everything, having the effect of a thick fog.

No shelter was in sight, until a brief lightning strike illuminated a building not too far up the mountain. The umbrella-ed figures, a man and a woman, quickly hustled up the mountainside towards the building. They entered into the Mt. Chimney cable car station.

The woman lowered her umbrella and shook off the water, then paid the girl monitoring the station so they could go up. The man bought a snack from the vending machine, for both of them were very hungry.

They rode the cable car in silence, except for the chewing of their snacks, until the woman said, "Do you really think they're up there?"

"I do," the man answered. "This is exactly the kind of thing Norman would do. He uses no caution sometimes."

It took just a minute for the cable car to reach the top of the mountain, which was totally surrounded by clouds, making the whole situation more eerie. Exiting the cable car was tricky business, as the it swayed in the wind, away from the platform, then back towards it.

The duo expected to see Norman and Lawrence, but instead saw something much worse. A group of Team Magma grunts stood near the Volcano's crater, looking out over the lava at a large rock slab. From their position, the duo couldn't see the slab, but the man (Mr. Stone) had a good idea of what it was.

The cranking of gears behind the duo revealed that another cable car was arriving.

"Prepare for trouble," Mr. Stone said, fixated on the cable car, it's door still unmoving.

The woman (Gloria), looking over her shoulder at Team Magma, added, "Make it double."

Just on cue, Arcelia emerged from the cable car's open door, followed by about five grunts. She immediately flashed a glare in Mr. Stone and Gloria's direction, but paid no attention to them otherwise, leading her team right on by, to face Team Magma.

"I sure hope they're not here now," Mr. Stone told Gloria. On cue again, another cable car arrived, and a fuming Norman ran out of it and straight into Gloria, knocking them both over onto the rock.

The collision got the attention of both teams, and each of them stepped towards Norman and Gloria, from opposite directions. Arcelia approached from the left, and a man approached from the right. He wore red and black, the signature of Team Magma, along with a shining golden belt, and had bright red hair that was neatly arranged to form an M shape.

"Arcelia and Marten, in the same place?!" Mr. Stone exclaimed. Norman gathered that Marten was the leader of Team Magma.

"Get these sea slimes out of here," Arcelia demanded.

"Remove these unpolished rocks from the premises," Marten commanded.

Both teams moved in on Norman, Gloria, and Mr. Stone at once. "It looks like we're trapped," noted Norman.

Mr. Stone nodded and added, "You can say that again."

Scene 29

Nobody noticed when the fifth cable car of the day arrived and Lawrence exited silently. He scanned the situation, trying to figure out some way to distract the teams.

Norman said that this was an important job... That man wearing the red isn't doing much... Suddenly, he had it. Lawrence snuck up behind Marten, stood on the very tips of his toes, and whispered in the man's ear, "There are things more important than these brats."

Marten was dumbfounded. He turned around, just after Lawrence had snuck to safety, then began stepping slowly towards the volcano's crater once again. The grunts, who were preoccupied with Norman, Gloria, and Mr. Stone, didn't notice the team leader resuming his mission, but Arcelia's sharp eyes caught him in his tracks.

"Where do you think you're going?" Arcelia called to Marten. She followed him to the volcano's crater, looked around at all of the clouds, and continued. "The great Kyogre has finally awakened, bringing rain to the whole of the Hoenn region, and now you try to stop us?"

Now all eyes were on Arcelia and Marten. Flames rose up behind them, and their silhouettes were eerily shadowed by the clouds.

"I have already succeeded," Marten declared. He reached into a small satchel that hung at his waist and pulled out a glowing red orb. It ascended into the air on its own, and glowed brighter as it rose above Marten and Arcelia. On cue, the clouds around the volcano cleared, revealing a massive rock slab on the opposite edge of the crater. On its flat surface was a painting of a dinosaur-like pokemon standing in a pool of lava and roaring, while a sandstorm brewed around it.

"Groudon," Norman breathed.

"Great..." Mr. Stone said, worriedly.

Suddenly, all was silent. The red orb dropped into Marten's hand, and the cloud layer drifted back into place, slowly. Arcelia's burning eyes stared furiously at Marten's. She grabbed onto the neck of his shirt and lifted him an inch or two of the ground. Marten was relatively calm.

For a second, Lawrence expected Arcelia to throw Marten into the volcano! Much to his relief, she leaned in close to his face and grumbled, "How. Do. You. Reverse it?"

Marten responded, calmly, "You should know as well as I do, fish-brains, that there is no way to put the legends back to sleep."

"FISH BRAINS!?" Arcelia threw Marten to the ground. "You have made a powerful enemy today!"

One of the Team Aqua grunts spoke up. "Wasn't he already your enemy?"

"Quiet, fish brains!" Arcelia responded. "Move out." Shamefully, Team Aqua's leader led her troops down the mountain, without even using the cable cars.

Marten stood up, dusted himself off, and led his troops to the cable car platform, just as rain began falling into the volcano's crater.