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A Pokemon Fanfic: A Pokemon Fanfic: Chapter Ten (Road to Mauville)

by Bulba the Curious

Bulba the Curious #summercamp15

After the concert, Norman and his friends embark for Mauville, and get some training done along the way.
Scene 22

Norman sneezed. He sat up on his bed in his room at the Contest Hall and rubbed his nose.

Standing around his bed were Ham, Jam, Mr. Briney, Gloria, and best of all, Lawrence. Standing on the bed were Gloria's Roselia and Lawrence's Mudkip. Norman could hear Pooch and Flygon in the room as well.

"You fainted on stage, kid," Mr. Briney informed Norman.

"Out like a rock," Jam confirmed.

"But it was awesome!" Ham exclaimed.

"The shock of seeing Treble evolving must've knocked you out cold," Gloria concluded.

Norman was flabbergasted. "Treble what?"

Still wordless, Lawrence stepped aside to reveal Treble, now a Clefairy, who jumped up on the bed like a dog and walked up close to Norman. "Cle-fairy!" he chimed.

Norman stood up and picked up Treble. He squeezed his pokemon tight, and then did the same with Gloria and Lawrence.

Lawrence finally spoke up. "According to the Dex, Cleffa evolves when it is happy and loves its trainer."

"You haven't changed a bit," Norman replied. "Have we got some catching up to do or what?"

Speaking of changing, Norman had wore his contest costume all night. He shooed the others out of the room and got changed into some normal clothes, then went out to tell his friends that he was going to pack up. Trying to find them, he exited into the main hall. Almost everyone from the concert was there! Some talked about how amazing Treble's singing was, while others murmured rumors of the boy's condition.

For a bit, Norman chatted with the audience. Most complimented him in some way, and some even asked for an autograph! The three brothers, Trav, Mav, and Dav, who had spread the word of Treble's ability, gave Norman a carved wooden statue of Norman and Treble on the stage. The figure was poorly carved, but Norman loved it.

Just then, Norman noticed a peculiar man on the far side of the hall. With spiky hair and an overly well-groomed suit, it had to be Mr. Stone.

"Mr. Stone!" Norman called. He walked up to the man, and smiled wide.

"Ah, Norman," Mr. Stone said. "Good to see you're feeling all right."

"Good to see you as well," Norman replied. "I was kind of worried those goons might have tried to get you."

"Don't worry about them. This is not the time. Have your friends told you about the plan?"

"Plan? No," Norman answered, puzzled. Why was he never told anything?

"Oh. Well, seeing as you've already done your first two badges as double battles, we thought we should continue this. We're going to contact the Pokemon League and ask if it's okay for you to bring a partner in all of your gym battles."

Norman was amazed. He was going to get lots of help on this journey. More than he ever thought he would. Friends in high places sure do help.

Scene 23

In just an hour, the whole group was ready to go. Mr. Stone was declared Norman's official trainer, and gave him a rundown of what they would do on the way to the next city, Mauville.

"The next gym leader is young and perky, plus quick with his electric type pokemon. He's also quite a few levels above you. Let's face it, you got lucky on Ham and Jam." Mr. Stone explained that, while the others went along the low road, Norman would travel to Mauville on the bike trail.

Norman instantly noticed an issue with this problem. "I don't have a bike," he informed Mr. Stone. In response, the man handed the boy a pokeball.

"Open it," Mr. Stone chided. Norman did, and out popped... a bicycle!

Norman was going to ask how Mr. Stone did that, but was too excited about his new bike. The boy couldn't be happier. And in an instant, he was off to the trail on his new bike.

Right away, a biker spotted Norman. "Hey, you care for a battle?" the biker asked.

"That's what I'm here for," responded Norman. He hopped off the bike and chose a pokeball. "Go, Zubat!"

"Zap 'em, Electrike!" A small, green, dog-like pokemon appeared on the bridge and growled at Zubat.

"Spark, quick!" commanded the biker. Shining electricity shot from the Electrike, directly hitting Zubat and knocking it to the ground.

The biker sneered. "You don't seem to have a knack for this sort of thing."

Norman grimaced and clutched another pokeball. "I choose you, Pooch!" On cue, Pooch snarled at the Electrike. "Use Bite!"

The two creatures bared their teeth and lunged towards each other. Pooch bit first, and the Electrike recoiled.

"Come back with Quick Attack, Eli!"

"Howl, then Bite again, Pooch!"

At lightning speed, the Electrike rammed into Pooch, knocking the dog backwards. Pooch howled in a menacing manner, then leaped towards Electrike and finished it off with one final bite.

The biker got back on his bike. "Eh, you are pretty good," he said, riding away.

Norman battled a few more bikers before he got to Mauville. Pooch ended up fainting, but Treble and Flygon got quite a lot stronger.

As he exited the small building just off the bike trail, Norman saw Lawrence, Gloria, and Mr. Stone emerging from under the bridge he was just on. He waved them over and greeted them.

"My pokemon have gotten a lot stronger!" he told them. Mr. Stone nodded.

"I've got a new partner of my own," Lawrence declared. He produced a Minun out of a pokeball. Gloria also revealed a Plusle.

"And one more thing, too." Lawrence was trying not to smile now. Norman raised an eyebrow. And then, Lawrence revealed Marshtomp. "That's right! Muddy evolved!"