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A Pokemon Fanfic: A Pokemon Fanfic: Chapter One (The Journey Begins!)

by Bulba the Curious

Bulba the Curious Many of you know Norman, the fifth Gym Leader from the Hoenn, and the protagonist's father. However not many people know his past. He dreamt of exploing the World and meeting all pokemon, and with the help of his friends, this can become a reality.
Scene 1

20 years ago, Norman was a young boy. He had just had his 10th birthday, and was ready and eager for his first pokemon! The lab was two towns over, though, and he didn't know how he would get there.

Boredom settled in, as Norman realized he would never fulfill his dreams. There was a knock on the door, and he figured he might as well open it. But as he did, he was surprised by the huge familiar smile of the man outside. The man was dressed in vibrant orange camouflage, the outfit of the Pokemon Rangers. "Hi, Normy," he said. No one but his mom called him that. No one else except...

"I'm back," the man continued. Norman had his realization that second. His dad had been a Ranger far away for several years, and now he was home.

Norman shrieked with delight! He quickly embraced his dad, and noticed something. In his dad's belt, there was one pokeball. "What's in there?" Norman asked.

"That," Norman's dad answered, "is your first pokemon." He handed it to his son.

More shrieks of delight followed. "I picked it up at the lab on the way here, but you should still go and see Professor Willow. He has things he needs to talk to you about."

"But there's so much catching up we need to do first!" Norman complained.

His dad objected. "Professor Willow is expecting you!"

Norman trudged past his dad out the door. "I'll be coming rightback after this, though," he mumbled.

Scene 2

Route 102 was the way to Oldale town, and then to Littleroot, where the lab was. It was short, one of the benefits of living in Petalburg. Going to Littleroot also meant he could see Lawrence. Lawrence could be a smart-alec, but he was Norman's best friend.

As Norman walked down the path, he daydreamed about the adventures he would have with his pokemon. He was lost in thought when a loud cry startled him. A poochyena was standing a few feet away, growling.

"Go! Uh..." Norman realized he didn't even know what pokemon he had! He looked at the pokeball and pressed the white button on the front. A glowing beam came out from the ball, and his pokemon formed in front of him. The small creature seemed to purr, then turned to face Norman.

"Clef! Cleffa!" it said.

"A cleffa! I got a cleffa!" Norman said joyfully. "Cleffa, use, uh, pound!"

Cleffa leaped towards the poochyena with its arm stretched out, but poochyena got to cleffa first. Bite marks were left on cleffa after the collision, but it managed to get back up and pound poochyena, though with less strength.

"Okay then. Cleffa, use growl!"

Cleffa growled menacingly while the poochyena was still, and poochyena paused its movement.

"Now cleffa, finish him off with another pound!"

Once again cleffa attacked the poochyena, and without hesitation the poochyena sidestepped out of the way. But that didn't stop cleffa from twisting around in midair and hitting him anyways. The poochyena fell to the ground, fainted. As Norman looked at the near lifeless body, he began to feel sorry for the poochyena. He picked up the small pokemon and cradled him in his arms.

"Cleffa, follow me," Norman commanded. He proceeded to hurry off in the direction of Littleroot.

Scene 3

As Norman entered Littleroot, he heard a cough and a wheeze from poochyena. It seemed to be really hurt. He hurried into the lab and went up to one of the aides.

"My poochyena is hurt. Can you help?" he asked.

"Ask the professor," the aide replied.

Norman went up to an important looking man and asked, "Are you the professor?"

The man turned around. He was tall and had a casual smile on his face. "Yes, yes I am. And would you be Norman?"

"Yes, um, sir," Norman said uneasily.

"Oh, no need for that. We're very casual around here."

"Well," Norman started. "Can you heal my poochyena?"

Out of nowhere, a strange woman with pink hair appeared. "I'm Nurse Joy, and I can heal your pokemon!"

Cleffa peeked out from its hiding place behind Norman's leg. "Oh! Is that a cleffa?" Nurse Joy asked. "I love cleffas! I'll heal that guy right up!"

"Actually its poochyena that needs the healing," Norman interrupted. "Here," he said, handing over poochyena.

"Now," said Professor Willow. "While your new pokemon is getting healed up, I need to give you some things." He held out a backpack that contained five pokeballs, one marked poochyena, a few bottles of a mysterious purple liquid, and a strange computer-like handheld device.

"That's a pokedex!" the professor explained. "Use it to record information on pokemon you see. Those bottles are potions. Spray them on your pokemon to heal them where ever you are."

Just then Nurse Joy came out of a back room. "Poochyena's all better!" she yelled awkwardly loud.

Professor Willow cut in. "Now, what do you want to do? You can choose your destiny. Fill up the pokedex with all of the pokemon? Become the champion of the region?"

"No," Norman replied. "I want to explore."
  1. AbbieEeveelutions
    He's such a sweet boy for healing up the Poochyena! :)
    Mar 27, 2015
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  3. Bulba the Curious
    Bulba the Curious
    @EonMaster101 I already wrote up to scene 13, but I'm waiting to post it...for suspense!
    Jan 25, 2015
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    This story sounds really good!
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