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A Pokemon Fanfic: A Pokemon Fanfic: Chapter Nine (The Concert)

by Bulba the Curious

Bulba the Curious When Norman travels to Slateport, he is surprised with how popular he has already become.
Scene 18

Norman was about to call Mr. Briney when a young boy wearing glasses tapped him on the shoulder.

"Do you know what's hip and happening?" the boy asked.

"Huh?" Norman was confused. What was this boy talking about?

"What's hip and happening?" the boy pestered. "What do you think is cool?"

"Cool?" Norman thought for a second. "I know!" He sent out Treble and told him to sing.

Treble, clearly happy to show its talent, sang its song once more. "That is cool!" the boy said. He turned around and started running back toward what Norman guessed was his house. "Hey, guys! I know what's hip and happening!"

What a weird kid, Norman thought to himself. He got out his phone and called Mr. Briney.

Mr. B: Why, hello Norman!

Norman: Hey, can you pick me up at the dock in Dewford?

Mr. B: I sure can! I'll be right there!

And he was. In record time, Mr. Briney reached Dewford.

"We'll set sail in a bit, Norman," Mr. Briney told the young boy. "I've got to pick up the mail."

"The mail?" Norman asked, befuddled. "Are you a mailman?"

"No," replied Mr. Briney. "But it is my job to take mail from Dewford to the mainland." The old sailor looked in a small cardboard box that apparently served as a mailbox. "Ah! One letter. This one's going to Slateport! You mind if we go there?"

"No, it's fine!" Norman answered. He inched closer to Mr. Briney in hopes of looking at the letter. It was from someone named Dav.

Was that the name of that kid that I saw? Norman wondered. He was wearing a nametag...

"Time to set sail!" Mr. Briney exclaimed abruptly. He lead Norman onto his ship, and they were off to Slateport.

Scene 19

Mr. Briney and Norman arrived right on time at the Slateport dock. The beach before Norman was covered in trainers. He was almost scared to explore.

"You can go now," Mr. Briney told him. "I'll just make my delivery." The old man walked off the dock and towards to older boys who were sitting in the sand together. After a brief conversation, he handed them the letter.

Norman, who had finally built up the courage to go out onto the beach, decided to battle those two boys first. When he approached them, they were hunched over the letter, talking.

"Woah, that's sick, Mav!" the first boy told what Norman assumed to be his brother.

"I know, Trav!" replied Mav.

"I mean, I wish that guy would perform!" Trav continued. Perform? Norman wondered. Who were they talking about?

Lost in thought, Norman didn't notice when the brothers looked over at him. "Hey, little dude?" Trav waved a hand in front of Norman's face. "What do you want, a battle?"

"Uh, yah!" Norman replied.

"Well then, okay!" Trav pulled a pokeball from somewhere. "Do your best, Luvdisc!"

"You can do it, Treble!" Trav took one look at Treble and was surprised. Nearby, Mav had the same surprised face.

"Hey, did you just come from Dewford?" Trav asked. Norman nodded. "Can your Cleffa sing?" Another nod of the head.

"Is this the kid that Dav was talking about?" Mav asked his brother.

"He's gotta prove it," Trav replied. "Tell your Cleffa to sing," he told Norman.

Norman was too nervous to give the command, except he didn't have to. Treble sang a new song, one more simple, yet sure to impress.

Trav and Mav looked at each other in awe. "Dav was right. This is the kid!" They turned back to Norman. "You two should perform!"

"Perform?" Norman didn't think so.

"Yah, in the contest hall!" Mav continued. "It's the perfect place!"

In a flash, Norman and Treble were rushed to the contest hall. Posters were put up advertising "The Amazing Singing Cleffa". Norman got a new outfit to wear during the performance, and Treble got a bow, that he, for some reason, liked. They got beds to sleep in for the night, and the contest was scheduled for tommorow at 7 o'clock in the afternoon.

It was going to be a long day tomorrow.

Scene 20

The next morning, Norman awoke to the scent of something cooking. He got out of bed, unconsciously put on the bunny slippers next to it, and wandered out into the hall. The smell of pancakes and bacon lingered through the corridor. Norman followed his nose until he found a kitchen. Two bulky men were frying bacon and flipping pancakes. Norman stared at their backs for a second before he recognized them.

"Ham and Jam! What are you doing here?"

Ham turned off his cook top and looked back at Norman. "We heard about someone and their amazing Cleffa, and we knew it must be you, Norman!"

News sure travels fast, Norman thought. He decided to leave the kitchen for now and explore the rest of the building. He had, in fact, slept in the Contest Hall.

As Norman entered the main hall, he noticed two big doors that must lead to the stage. Entering them, he saw that the auditorium was huge. At least 200 seats lined the rows. It all made Norman's head spin. Further exploration of the building revelaed nothing new, so Norman went back to his room, where Trebel was still sleeping soundly.

Now, we wait, he thought.

Scene 21

It was time for the Concert, as Norman had started to call it. He was wearing his contest outfit, red with yellow streaks everywhere, and Treble was wearing his bow on the top of his head. They each took a deep breath, then walked out on stage.

The stands were not even close to full. Only about 50 people were there, Norman estimated, but that was still a lot. The spotlight followed the duo across the stage until they were at the center. The microphone in front of Norman seemed to taunt him. He cleared his throat.

"Please welcome-" Norman stopped. He wasn't going to introduce Treble as "The Amazing Singing Cleffa"! To him Treble was more than that!

The crowd looked at Norman anxiously. A few of them murmured thing to friends or family members. Norman cleared his throat once more.

"Please welcome Treble, the best singer in all of the pokemon world, and also my best friend!" Norman walked out of the spotlight, leaving Treble to sing. And sing Treble did! The tune sounded almost as if multiple voices were singing at once, but it was just Treble. The audience was filled with "woah"s and "wow"s and "amazing"s.

The song only lasted for about thirty seconds, but it was enough to send the crowd raging. As soon as the song ended, they burst out in deafening applause, making Norman sure that he would go deaf. He scanned the cheering audience in the front row, and was surprised to see... Mr. Briney! And sitting next to him were... Gloria and Lawrence! Norman smiled his biggest smile at them, and wished that this moment would never end.

But it did. Suddenly, everyone was quiet. They murmured even more than before, and were all staring at Treble. Once Norman realized this he took a glance at his companion, who was glowing a stunningly bright white.

Norman had no idea what was happening as he watched Treble morph into some larger shape. The audience seemed to, though. And then it was over. The light dimmed and Treble had changed.

"Cle-fairy! Cle-fairy!" he called out.

What?! was all that Norman could think.
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