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A Pokemon Fanfic: A Pokemon Fanfic: Chapter Five (Roxanne and Team Magma)

by Bulba the Curious

Bulba the Curious We join our heroes in the final battle with Roxanne, to save Lawrence, and find out what Team Magma is up to. But something seems wrong about Lawrence. He seems...sad.
Scene 12

The stage was set, Norman and Gloria facing off against Roxanne. The tables were turned in the heroes' favor.

"C'mon, Pooch, get 'em!" exclaimed Norman as Pooch appeared on the battlefield.

"Roselia, take her out!" Gloria sent out her pokemon as well.

"Geodude and Nosepass, you can do it!" Roxanne sounded confident, but the look on her face was of pure worry.

"Roselia, use leech seed!" Gloria's Roselia shot three seeds at Geodude and Nosepass. They were planted on the pokemon and grew instantly! The opponents began slowly losing health.

"Nosepass, before you faint, use rock throw!" Roxanne commanded. Nosepass hurled several rocks towards Roselia and Pooch. None hit Roselia, but Pooch was knocked out by a larger one. "Geodude, take care of that Roselia!"

After a few seconds, Roxanne realized that geodude had not done anything. In fact, it had been fainted for quite some time because of the seeds planted on it. "Okay then. Go, Probopass!"

"Cleffa, do your best!" Norman told his pink companion. "Use Wake-Up Slap to defeat Nosepass!" Cleffa responded by dashing cutely towards Nosepass and dealing the same devastating blow as in the last battle, with the same effect, a K.O.

Roxanne was steamed, but not even she realized that Probopass had defeated Roselia during this time, and was heading for Cleffa. It slammed into cleffa as fast as possible, leaving flygon as the Norman's last pokemon. He looked at Gloria, despreately.

"I'm out of pokemon," she said. Norman gritted his teeth and faced Roxanne. Probopass and Flygon stared menacingly at each other, each getting prepared for the fight.

"Flygon, use wing attack!" Norman shouted. Flygon whipped its wings around as fast as it could, creating two small tornadoes. They flew towards Probopass and hit him straight on the nose.

"Probopass, trap the Flygon in Rock Tomb!" Probopass listened to Roxanne's command and picked up several rocks. It threw them around Flygon trying to surround it in a tomb, but Flygon got out of the way, just before it was trapped. A final rock flying through the air hit Flygon, however, and knocked it to the ground.

"Recover and use sand attack, then wing attack, Flygon!" Flygon quickly jumped back into flight, but instead of using wing attack, it simply ran itself headfirst into Probopass! Flygon was hurt slightly, but Probopass looked like it was about to faint. It shimmered with a shining light a second later, and managed to hold together. "One more attack oughta do it, Flygon!"

Amazingly, Flygon was able to get in another attack before Probopass even noticed. Norman and Gloria had won!

Roxanne looked distraught, but with all the pride she could muster, she said, "As a member of the Pokemon League, I am obliged to grant you both the Stone Badge."

"Yes! My first badge!" Norman was excited.

"I also assume," Roxanne continued, "that you'll want your friend released, and an explanation." Gloria was already untying Lawrence, so Roxanne went on. "Team Magma is looking for people who are trying to beat the league. They suspect that the champion is in league with Team Aqua, so they're taking anyone who has potential to beat the league back to their base, to be interrogated."

"So, what does this have to do with you?" Lawrence asked Roxanne, just after being untied.

"I'm the first gym leader," Roxanne explained, "so I'm the first person to know who's going to challenge the league. They asked me to alert them when someone new comes in, in exchange for finding rare fossil pokemon for me."

"Okay. Do you know where Team Magma is now? Or at least where the next gym is?" Norman wondered.

"Team Magma was very secretive about their base's whereabouts, however I do know that the next gym is in Dewford. Talk to the old sailor who lives in the cottage near Petalburg. You'll have to go through the forest to get there."

Lawrence suddenly had a knot in his throat.

Scene 13

As they exited the gym, the three friends discussed what to do next.

"I'm going on to the rest of the League. These Team Magma people don't seem too honest," Norman told Lawrence and Gloria.

"I think I might convince my mother to give me some time off to train," said Gloria. "Then maybe I'll get back to you boys, and challenge the League myself!"

"Actually...I'm going back to Littleroot. This experience hasn't exactly done much for my self esteem." Lawrence seemed sad as he said this. "I might challenge the League later, but for now, I'll hang out. I think I'm more of the type that studies, not battles."

"Lawrence, you've got to come with me! I need you and your knowledge to help me train! You can't just give up!" Norman was getting angry.

"I'm not. See you around, friend." With that, Lawrence walked off towards the forest.

Norman called out to him, "Wait, aren't you afraid of-"

"Bugs," Lawrence finished. "Glad you noticed."

Norman and Gloria stood in silence for a moment. Finally Gloria spoke up. "He left. He really left."

"I know," Norman replied, followed by more silence. "I'm going to Dewford now. See you around, friend."

"See you around!"