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A Night in Kanto....... pt.1

by Dertholntez

Dertholntez Hey guys and ladies/girls yep it's been a long time since I have wrote something actually so if you guys like it well give it a like and if you don't , just correct me maybe in the comments.Anyways , let's start off our work!

Hope u enjoy it!"
There she was , sitting on the round courfóur table with modesty and humility.She looked angelic in the night's shadow as the moon shined with a brilliant light . Something was strange , I felt heavy breathing and a sound of snoring in a cold , dark space . Ah , well , it was a dream . Yes , this description I'm talking about is only in my dreams.

"WELL , that was a vivid dream!"exclaimed Martin , the "Average Joe" . "A lady in a round table sitting by the bridge and the moon shining bright!?What did eat before I sleep!Probably , cheese.Can't really remember."said Martin . A thumping sound from the next room was heard . It felt like a level 1 magnitude earthquake as it just shook and creaked the wood of the house . Ugh , of course , it was Snorlax being himself . "I told him to stop his snoring!"cried Martin . Martin barges through the door and yells at Snorlax."Snorlax!Why are you still snoring so loudly!"yelled Martin . Bfffftmmftmm ( I can't help it , there's a reason why they call me a Snorlax!)It felt like Martin had some power to understand Pokemon speak."Well , I guess you're right."said Martin.Bfftfttt(Shouldn't you be at Nerd Convention thingy?!)"Nerd!You mean the place for phylogenetic theories about various types of Hybrid and Legendary Pokemon.Yeah , I think that's what you mean."said Martin.Bfft ( Nerd.)

"Yeah , whatever." said Martin . As he got ready he just remembered about that damn dream."Jeez , that was one helluva dream."laughed Martin . He walked out with a smile and just went to that phylogenetic convention thingy . Well , things were fine until he saw that exact same described girl (in his dream) sitting on the round courfóur table on that same bridge (except the moon of course)"Woah , woah , woah!!"exclaimed Martin . "That was the exact picture in my dream!"."I am so damn confused." He felt as though he took a drug called Deja Vû or something like that . (Sighs) freakin nerds . (The irony) (breaking the fourth wall) He had finally arrived at that phylogenetic convention and , yes , here comes the nerdiness . (I think it will be too boring so I skipped it) "Damn , I have to say , when I saw that girl was I dejavued!" . Martin then walks to his Vespa until his friend Donovan came "Hey , Martini!How ya doin." "GREAT, just.....great!" "Something wrong with you my friend"."Nothing.".........."BYE!!" Martin hastily grabs the motorcycle and drives to Kanto (of all places)."OMG!What the hell was that!That was Donovan exactly saying the exact damn same thing to me!Ok , ok ,ok ,ok ,ok ! Stop freaking out!"said Martin."Am I living in some circle or is it something I can't remember.

Ok , one thing for sure , I am 17 years old I currently live in Johto and I am racing my a** off to Kanto.My name is Martin and I have a Snorlax." "OK , everything's fine." Martin sets of for Kantoband , yes , he reaches there by 19th of February 2015.(5 days by a Vespa)."Whew , I am tired ! At least we're not in that freaky déjà vû place anymore (I hope).But.....Fate saves the day and he sees Ricky bring his volleyball to play at the nearby beach."Hey , hey , hey!My man Martin , whatcha doing here."said Ricky."Ummmm......came here t-to dooooooooooo some riding around the world!" "Oh , cool!Well , I guess I'll be going!See ya."said Ricky.Martin was absolutely freaked out and he just passed out . (Dream) She sits there in the moonlight so modestly.She turns around and says "Martin........." then she walks away.Donovan sits on a top of a train while Ricky kicks a guy to death.(WTH)I say "Go........." Dr.Mary suddenly gets hit by a truck and Snorlax is getting owned by a wild Lucario.Karen gets into a fight with her boyfriend and gets shot.Prime Minister Hidayo gets assassinated in his limousine and "the girl" says "A Night in Kanto......."


EDITOR's note:

Hope you guys enjoyed it and let's hope I actually continue this story!☺️See ya