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Mystery Dungeon : Rising Eclipse: A New Team!

by Peachy Ace

Peachy Ace Amethyst and Midnight are now a Rescue Team!

@WolfyPop Thanks for adding Midnight into your series, so as a thank you I added Phoenix and Zenith to mine. Hope you like it.
Amethyst, an Espeon, sighed. She was signing up for a Rescue Team, a Goodra assisting them. The Goodra handed her an Application, along with the Shiny Umbreon beside her, Midnight. Midnight smiled, filling out the form, Amethyst doing the same.

Name: Midnight
Age: Nunya Business (16)
Gender: Isn't it Obvious (Male)
Skills: Puzzles and Battles
Rescue Team: Team Eclipse

Name: Amethyst
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Skills: Problem Solver
Team: Team Eclipse

The two turned their applications in. The Goodra smirked at Midnight's, smiling at Amethyst's. She then smiled. "Alright, accepted. Now, Go to Delphox and get your Room Key, Nice for you to join us, Team Eclipse." The Goodra smiled. Delphox was right next to Goodra, a smile on her face. She tossed a Key to Midnight, him catching it. Goodra smirked. "Nice for you to drop in Delphox." She smirked. The Delphox smirked back. "Hope you enjoy your stay Team Eclipse." Delphox smiled. Amethyst smiled back. "Thank You!" She smiled, walking off. Midnight smirked, walking behind her.

"D19, D20, D21!" Amethyst smiled, unlocking the door to the mystery room. Once she unlocked it, she looked inside to see 2 beds, along with an Alarm Clock, and a Bag in the middle. Amethyst dashed in for the bag, Midnight staying behind. He didn't even step Into the Room, he was distracted by something.

Amethyst grabbed the Bag, then looking inside. The Contents of the bag were 'Power Band, Defense Scarf, 2 Oran Berries, Team Badges.' Amethyst smiled, grabbing the Power Band, wrapping it around her neck, then grabbing the Defense Scarf and a Team Badge. She then turned around. "Here you go Midnight?" Amethyst's tone changed after seeing Midnight missing. She frowned, looking at the door. She rushed over, opening it to find Midnight on the other side. He was staring at something. Amethyst turned to where he was staring to see a Flareon and a Shiny Espeon, looking at the Outlaw Board. Amethyst them waved her paw in front of Midnight's Face.

Midnight snapped back to reality, seeing Amethyst. He then frowned. "Oh Hey Amethyst." He said, a normal tone as if nothing happened.

"Who are those two?" Amethyst asked.
"What? How do you not know what team that is?" Midnight asked.
"Uhhhhh?" Amethyst shrugged.
Midnight face palmed, then sighed. "Those two are the only Diamond Rescue Team, Team 'Fire Star', the only two members in the Team are a pair of siblings. The younger sister, Phoenix the Flareon, and The older brother, Zenith the Shiny Espeon! Everyone looks up to them, including me!" Midnight frowned.
"So that's why you joined me in the Goodra Guild." Amethyst smirked.
"Basically." Midnight smiled.

After a few minutes of readying, the two were, well, ready. Midnight was equipped with the Defense Scarf, a Bag, and the Team Badge, Amethyst with her Power Band and Team Badge. The two walked out of the room and to the request board, looking for requests.

"Alright so I got the info from Goodra, she told me that we should choose an easy mission for us, since we're new and all." Amethyst smiled. "Sounds good." Midnight smiled. Amethyst was pawing out the board for the easiest mission, while Midnight watched. Midnight then turned around, surprised by his sight. Both Phoenix and Zenith, staring at him. It was an awkward staring until Zenith reacted.

"You're a Shiny too?" He asked.
Midnight gulped. "Uh, Yea."
"Whoa, I never seen a Shiny Umbreon!" Phoenix smiled.
"Uh, Shinys are pretty scarce, so." Midnight smiled.
"Well hello their, my name is Ze-" Zenith was cut off by Midnight.
"Yes, Zenith and Phoenix, I know. Nice to meet you." Midnight smiled. Zenith and Phoenix smiled back.

Amethyst finished pawing out the board, grabbing a mission.

"Ahh, Please Help! I'm Scared! I've been cornered right now, and I need help desperately! Please!" The Note Read.

Amethyst smiled. She then turned to Midnight. "Alright, let's go." She smiled. She turned to Zenith and Phoenix. "Its nice to meet you two, but me and Midnight have to get going." Amethyst smiled. Midnight smiled. "Sorry we were cut short, gotta go save someone, bye!" Midnight smiled, walking off, Amethyst leading the way.

Soon they made it to their destination, Uproar Cave. Midnight took a deep breath in.

"Let's hope for good Luck." Amethyst smiled. "And let the odds be forever in our favor!" Midnight smiled the two dashing in.

Midnight looked around in the room they were in. He picked up some Poké on the floor, smiling. Amethyst looked around, nothing in Sight. "Nope, not it. We need to find the stair case leading downwards." She smiled. The two walked through a narrow path in the cave, then finding another room. Amethyst smiled at the sight of stairs. She quickly dashed towards them, leading her downwards. "Hold UP!" Midnight yelled, quickly following behind.

Midnight finally caught up with Amethyst, finding her in a Sticky Situation. She was cornered by three Whismurrs. All three opened their mouths, ready to screech, but they were stopped when Midnight used Shadow Ball, an explosion causing all three to faint. Midnight smirked. "You Owe Me." He smiled. Amethyst sighed. "Yea, Whatever." She frowned. Midnight smiled, then the two taking the steps to the right of them.

Midnight smiled, finding more Poké on the ground. Amethyst smiled, picking a Oran Berry from the floor. She smiled, tossing it to Midnight, where he smacked it across the room. "Amethyst, You don't just pick random berries from Mystery Dungeons. That wasn't a Oran Berry, that was an Oren Berry." Midnight sighed. Amethyst frowned. "Uhh, whatever you say." She sighed. The two then headed down the stairs in a different room.

They made it to the last floor. They saw saw it, a Lillipup, and a Loudren. Midnight placed one paw over Amethyst's mouth. "Shh." He whispered. Amethyst nodded. The two snuck behind the Loudren. Midnight then smiled. He used Shadow Ball, and Amethyst using Swift. The Loudren turned around to hear two shots fired. Before he knew it, both attacks were launched into his mouth, he shut it too late and was gonna pay the price. A little explosion could be heard from inside the Loudren's stomach, the Loudren fainting, smoke coming from its mouth. Midnight and Amethyst smiled, giving each other a round of applause, laughing at each other too. The Lillipup dashed towards Amethyst, hugging her leg. "Thank You!" She yelled, tears coming from her eyes. Amethyst smiled. "Aww, your welcome sweetie. Now let's get you home." She smiled. She grabbed the Lillipup, placing her on Midnight's back, where she sobbed. Midnight sighed. "Let's just get out of here." He smiled. The two were them engulfed in a yellow light, then were teleported.

The two found them selves at the Guild. Midnight smiled. "Alright, let's take this Lillipup home, then we can go to sleep." Midnight smiled. "Well speak of Giratina look who's here." Amethyst smiled. Two Herdiers rushed over, grabbing the Lillipup then smiling. "Mom, DAD!" The Lillipup sobbed, hugging it's parents. Amethyst felt like tearing up, but held it in. The two Herdiers smiled. "Thank You. Is their anyway we could repay you?" One Herdiers asked. Amethyst would respond, but she was too busy trying not to cry, so Midnight responded for her. "No. It's OK, we were just doing out job. That's all." Midnight smiled. "Well may Lugia Bless your souls. Still, if Thiers anything you need, just ask." The Herdiers smiled, walking off with Lillipup next to them.

Midnight patted Amethyst's back. "Cmon Amethyst, don't cry. Your tougher that that." Midnight smirked. Amethyst then sighed, shedding a single tear. "Alright let's just go to sleep." She smiled. Midnight sighed. "Ditto." He responded. Before the two could leave they were stopped by Goodra. "Congratulations you two, you are now Bronze Rank. You will be given a Prize for your efforts tomorrow, as I think you two need some sleep." Goodra smiled. "Thank You Goodra, and some sleep would do good right now." Midnight smiled. Amethyst was hanging on, almost dropping. "Alright then, see me at my Office Tomorrow Then." She smiled, walking off. Midnight smiled, walking to their room.

Midnight walked inside, placing Amethyst down on her bed. He sighed, then lying on his bed. "Good Night Amethyst." He sighed. He then closed his eyes, reopening them to feel a certain pressure on his body. He looked over to see Amethyst lying on him. She was still awake, but very, very sleepy. Midnight blushed, causing Amethyst to smile. She always liked it when she made others Blush or got under their fur. She gave a small sigh, slowly falling asleep. Midnight's blush faded, in a state of drowsiness. He yawned, then ignored Amethyst, falling asleep.
  1. Cloudswift
    lol "May Lugia Bless your souls." I GET IT BECAUSE LUGIA'S THE MASCOT OF SOULSILVER! XD
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    Ok, it's fine.
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  3. Peachy Ace
    Peachy Ace
    Sorry @KaiSamurai , but this is a fun series, just for me, this is what I write in my free time, but soon I will make a series, available to others to join in. Soon.
    Nov 3, 2016
  4. KaiSamurai
    Uhm... can you fill out a form to this? I read all of it so far and I like it.
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    Peachy Ace
    Oct 31, 2016
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    This is a great series already! Thanks for making Phoenix and Zenih be well respected!
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