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A New Journey: A New Journey: And Another One!

by Peachy Ace

Peachy Ace Deva vs Midnight!
Midnight sighed. He was face to face with a Crossroads, she was Deva. A zoroark stood behind the Frosslass. Midnight yawned. "Ok Shade, I don't have time for this. First a Umbreon, then Mismagius, and now a Frosslass. I'm too tired." Midnight sighed. He turned away, only to get hit by a Blizzard attack. Deva yelled. "What! Do you think I'm week!" She yelled. Midnight was back against a tree, his tail hanging in the air. "I'm found to it. And now that we're here. I guess I could try this trick I learned.

Midnight hopped on his feet, then giving a battle stance. Just then he used Attract. Hearts appeared from thin air, then circled the Frosslass. Deva turned around, worriedly, till she was hit by the hearts. She turned to Midnight, she bluahed, then fainted. Midnight sighed.

"Come on! The Umbreon was stronger then her!" Midnight yelled. He let out a simple sigh, then turning around. A giant tree stood, a Trevanant. The Ghost type quickly grabbed Midnight, squeezing him tight. Midnight struggled to escape the grasp, his oxygen flow was being cut off, he couldn't breathe. The Trevanant sighed, then smacking him on the back of his head. Midnight then fainted. The Trevanant loosend his grip, then holding Midnight's leg in the air. "Here you go Master. A fresh Umbreon." He smirked.

Shade smiled. He walked over, then smiled. "Perfect, alright Corrupt, follow me." Shade smiled, walking off. Corrupt followed. In a few seconds they were no where to be found.

Paislee was flying in the air as the event happened. "Oh No! Amethyst! Baron!" She shouted out, then flying off, as fast as she could. Corrupt saw the Civil Lion then smiled. "You won't get away that easily." He smiled. He used Shadow punch, knocking the butterfly please Pokemon out of the air. Paislee was fainted. Corrupt caught the Butterfly then smiled. "Two for the Price of One." He smirked, then walked off into the darkness.
  1. Cloudswift
    Hey, idea! Just a suggestion, but maybe Max could be flying over and recognize Paislee and go down and ask what's going on. JUST AN IDEA!
    Oct 20, 2016
    Blu Ace likes this.
  2. DaVioletAce
    I seriously love the idea for side stories. Its much more easier to manage - i mean, if you didn't, this thing would never get to the point!
    Oct 19, 2016