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A new era

by Umbreon4

Umbreon4 Dawn struggles with taming her Pokémon. Dusk plans to take out Team Night so all Pokémon are safe.Will Team Night effect Dawn and Dusk, will the make a new Pokémon who can destroy the entire Sitno Region?
Chapter 1

"Dusk, wake up!" A boy with black hair,in Pikachu pajamas was laying in his bed.
"Huh...why?Is it morning, Mom?" Dusk asked, half asleep.
"Well guess that's okay.You just want to stay here with your mom,instead of getting a Pokémon."
"What?"Dusk yelled,the sound of wild Rovens and Rufflets could be heard outside. "Course I am!No offense Mom."
"None taken.Now,I suggest that you put actual clothes on,unless of course,you what to look like that."
"Okay,I'll be down for breakfast in a few."Before his mom could even replied he shut the door.
What should I wear, Dusk wondered.He looked in his dressed and found his black tee-shirt. He took off the Pikachu pajama top and replaced with the black shirt.
Then he found a pair of blue pants and black socks. He put on all of his clothes and ran downstairs.
He put his black sneakers on,grab his blue backpack and ran out the door.
"Hey!What about breakfast?"Dusk's mom shouted.
"I'll be fine."He shouted back and started to ran to the professor's house in Rose City Center.
  1. Umbreon4
    Hope you guys like it:blush:
    Nov 9, 2016