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A Mystery Awakened - A Pokemon Fan Story

by Ganodark

Ganodark A young boy in Lilycove Town finds out there is an evacuation for what appears to be a meteor coming to crash down onto Earth. When he leaves town with his friend, however, they're in for a big surprise.
(WARNING: This story takes place during the events of the Delta Episode of Pokemon ORAS, and may contain spoilers to the game. If you haven't seen the story yet, I recommend you do before you read this story. The events in this story are NOT part of the Pokemon series.)

It was a warm, peaceful day in the Hoenn Region. People were spending the day with their Pokemon, in hopes of seeing the Litleonid meteor shower that was coming their way. Many businesses had closed that day to celebrate the special event that was a once-in-a-lifetime moment for many people.

Oops! Guess I forgot to introduce myself, didn't I? My name is Zach, and I just happen to be a Pokemon trainer waiting for this moment myself. I live in a peaceful place known as Lilycove City, home of the famous Lilycove Department Store. Did I mention the department store is one of my favorite places to hang out? Haha!

I was sitting in my room watching television, when all of a sudden the news came on. There was a woman on the screen. She had short, brown hair and the prettiest blue eyes. Her suit and tie was very neat, as well. Below her was a title saying, “Breaking News.”

“We interrupt this program with a special report from the Mossdeep Space Station,” said the woman, “Professor Cozmo and his team reports a meteor setting course to Hoenn. Cosmo states that this could be life-threatening to all of the world.”

I was very confused about what was going on, but I just decided to ignore it. “Probably just an early April Fools joke,” I said to myself as I picked up my Game Boy and switched it on. Suddenly, I heard that woman on the television again.

“All Hoenn police advises everyone to go into a mandatory evacuation IMMEDIATELY,” she said again. After that, the TV had switched to a warning screen. I wonder what was going on that made everyone so worried.

Suddenly, I saw that my best friend, Jacob, had opened my bedroom window and cautiously crawled through. He had short, brown hair, brown eyes, and he was also kinda bigger than me. “Hey, Zach,” he said to me as he was getting up off the floor. “Jacob?” I responded, “What are you doing here?”

“I came to ask if you wanted to travel for a bit.”


“Yeah. You know, just to go on a little journey.”

“But I thought we were suppose to evac--”

“Oh, don’t be silly. Didn’t they do a prank like this LAST YEAR?”

“Well yeah, but--”

I then paused for a second, thinking about the entire situation that was going on at the moment. Then, I managed to give a response, “The space station who cried meteor, huh?”

“Exactly!” Jacob said.

“Hmmm...alright. I see your point.”

“Yeah, Zach. So, are you in or not?”

“Hmmm...alright. I’ll do it.”

“Great! Let’s get going then.”

After we both packed our bags with food and supplies, it was finally time for us to start our little exploration outside of Lilycove. We got outside, and I quickly sent out my Dragonite from its poke ball before getting on his back with Jacob.

“Ready, buddy?” I asked. Dragonite gave me a nod, and soon enough we took flight and started, what must’ve been, another great adventure in the Hoenn Region.

As we flew through the sky, we saw a little island with a huge, stone tower. I directed my Dragonite to the island and we landed gracefully onto the ground. Jacob and I got off of Dragonite, and I then returned it to its poke ball.

I saw Jacob took a deep breath, then form a warm smile. “Ahh… The breeze feels so amazing,” he said to me, “Don’t you think so, Zach?

“Yeah. It sure does,” I responded, wondering why he would be so worried about the fresh air.

“Yep. A perfect time to start a Pokemon battle, don’t you think?”

“Huh? A Pokemon battle? R-right now?”

Jacob then gave me a nod. “Don’t be scared, Zach,” he said to me “We did this before. It’ll be just like old times.”

“...Well, I guess it wouldn’t be so bad.”

“Yeah. Why not?”

“Sigh...alright, but just ONE Pokemon battle.”

“Haha! Ok then. Works with me.”

Jacob and I then got to our starting positions, and I reached into my bag to get my Pokemon ready to go. “You ready to get beaten?” I teased, knowing that I was probably going to win again. I always seem to win when I battle Jacob. “Not this time,” he responded, giving me an evil grin.

Then, Jacob was ready to send out his Pokemon. “Gastly! I choose you!” he shouted, and he threw his pokeball. Suddenly, Jacob’s Gastly appeared from the Pokemon. It was kind of like a flying ball with a horrifying face, and it had purple gas following it wherever it went.

“A ghost-type Pokemon, huh?” I said to myself, “Works with me then.”

I then threw my pokeball to release my Pokemon. “Umbreon, let’s go!” My Umbreon, which was surprisingly the dark-type evolution for Eevee, appeared from the pokeball, looking combat ready.

“Get ready to experience the taste of defeat!” Jacob shouted to me. “In your dreams,” I shouted back. And in an instant, the battle between me and my best friend had began.

Without warning, Jacob took the chance to attack first. “Ok, Gastly! Use Tackle!” he shouted, and his Ghastly charged towards Umbreon. “Umbreon! Hurry and jump!” I commanded, and Umbreon did just that. “Now! Use Shadow Ball!” I commanded again, and Umbreon formed a powerful sphere of energy. Umbreon launched the shadow ball, and it was soon hurdling straight towards Gastly. He took the hit, but it wasn’t enough to defeat him.

“Ha! Is that all you got?” Jacob teased, “Now, Gastly! Use Hypnosis!” Gastly then started to hipnotized my Umbreon.

“Not so fast!” I shouted, then I called for my Umbreon. It almost immediately gained back consciousness. “Now! Use Quick Attack!”

Umbreon charged to Gastly as quick as he could and started to attack, but Gastly didn’t budge an inch. “W-What?” I stuttered, “B-But how is this p-possible?” Jacob grinned again and started to chuckle.

“Ha! Do you not realize what you’ve done wrong, Zach?” he asked me. “Normal-type moves don’t affect ghost-type Pokemon, therefore Umbreon’s Quick Attack is useless!”

“Oh, crap…”

“Now, Gastly! Use Hypnosis again!”

Almost instantly, Umbreon dazed off. He started to wobble a bit, but I could tell he was trying to balance himself. “Come on, Umbreon!” I shouted, “Don’t fall asleep yet, buddy!” Sadly, it was too late. Umbreon toppled to the ground into a deep sleep.

“Way to go, Gastly!” Jacob said, Now it’s time to finish this battle! Use Shadow Ball at full power!”

Gastly hovered up and formed a huge shadow ball, and as soon as Umbreon woke up the ball hit him at full power. Then, when the smoke cleared, I could see that Umbreon had fainted. My Pokemon was unable to battle, which meant that Jacob and his Gastly had won.

“Yes! We did it!” he shouted, and to be honest it kind of made me happy too. “Great job, Gastly. Return.” Jacob’s Gastly had returned to his pokeball.

“Awesome job, buddy,” I said to my Umbreon, “You can get some rest.” And with that, my Pokemon had went back to his pokeball as well.

Jacob came up to me and patted me on the shoulder. He looked as if he was exhausted, because I surely was. “What an awesome battle, Zach,” he told me, panting his heart out, “We should do that again sometime.”

“Yeah man,” I responded, still panting a bit. The battle JAcob and I had made me feel so alive.

Everything seemed pretty normal at first, but as I was about to send out Dragonite so we could fly back…


We heard a loud noise that sounded a lot like thunder. “What the heck?!” I shouted, trying to dominate the booming noises. “What in the world is going on?” Jacob asked me.

“I have no idea.”

Suddenly, out of nowhere, we saw a Pokemon we have never seen before. It was green with sharp teeth, and it looked almost like a floating spaghetti noodle. Somehow, I saw that Jacob knew who that Pokemon was.

“Rayquaza…” I heard him mumble to himself. “Huh?” I responded.

“Someone has awakened the legendary Pokemon, Rayquaza.”

Suddenly, we heard Rayquaza’s great cry.



Jacob and I covered our ears so that we wouldn’t have hearing loss. We had no idea what was going on, until suddenly a mysterious Pokemon trainer with a white beanie climbed onto Rayquaza’s back.


“Who is that guy,” Jacob asked me, “and how is Rayquaza not attacking him at all?”

“I have no--” I started responding, but before I could finish Rayquaza, along with the mysterious trainer, sped up into the sky. The POkemon had broke the sound barrier, and Jacob and I were knocked back onto the dirt.

We both looked at each other, trying to process what had just happened. “Wow…” I managed to say, rubbing the back of my head a little.

A second later, we heard a small boom that sounded like it came from space. “What was that?” Jacob had asked me. “I got no clue,” I said, “but I hope that Pokemon trainer is ok.”


After the unexpected turn of events that had happened, I sent out my Dragonite so that Jacob and I could fly back to Lilycove. Before I got on Dragonite’s back, however, we heard a sonic boom. We quickly turned around, and what Jacob and I saw was astounding. It looked like a Pokemon that came...from OUTER SPACE.