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Omega Chapters: A Mistaken Rose

by Sylve Kipper

Sylve Kipper My second battle against May and a new team member.
OH GOD. Hehehe I give no mercy DIE. Mr. Jay come back go Mudshpert and use mud shot. How dare you faint my plusle come back Plushie and go Minimal and use Thunder. :D that didn't hurt at all Mudshpert use Mud shot. My god why did you use tackle? Minimal use Encore and then switcheroo. Oh come on use tackle. The Minun used its Oran Berry. OH GOD WHY;_;. Finally the encore ended now use mud shot.>=O I didn't tell you to use tackle. Ok time to finish you off Tackle one more time. Minun=@.@. Yes ok gonna heal up first before I battle May. Ok time to destroy you. Ok but I won't go easy on you. I dont' care I'm gonna crush you. (Ok I gotta new battle way and here its is)
May sent out Slugma
John sent out Mr. Jay
Slugma used Incinerate
Mr. Jay used Confusion
Mr. Jay come back go Mudshpert
Slugma became Confused
Slugma used Harden
Mudshpert used Mud Shot
Slugma used Incinerate
Mudshpert used Tackle
Slugma Fainted
May sent out Grovyle
Mudshpert used Tackle
Grovyle used Leaf Blade
(3 Minutes later) Ok let me clean you up and there Bye. Bye ok gotta go to Mauville City
and catch my new team member. (3 minutes later) Ok it should be here? Oh God need to get some more pokeballs. Ok I'm just gonna get a rose AAHH YES a Roselia go Great Ball 1,2,3,4 Click YES:halo::).
  1. Sylve Kipper
    Sylve Kipper
    The new Format is only for some battles and I'm gonna take a break and do some pixelmon.
    Jul 28, 2015