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A Merry Christmas to 1 year on Charms!

by Ombree

Merry Christmas .png
Ombree Merry christmas peeps! Wow, what an eventful year it's been, but hey! I've been on charms 1 year tomorrow! Wow, time sure has gone fast. I'm so so glad that I found pokecharms and have made some pretty good friends and roleplays while I've been here.

I remember my very first roleplay... Yeah I was a n00b that hadn't read the rules yet. Whoops. XD That roleplay was locked after what... a week?
And even though I'm not really into Pokemon, I still love to write and roleplay, so I intend on continuing on charms through to next year.

I actually left for a month and a half or so, but I'm trying my best to stay active. And the thing that motivates me? CoDa; Core of the Dragon Academy Rp. It's definitley the best roleplay I've ever been in and everyone there is just amazing. I can't thank you guys and the rest of charms enough.

So merry christmas from a frightening cartoony drawing of Aurora from CoDa. (Wth did I do XD)

@Godjacob @LunaLuma @Ry_Burst @BlueMew392 @Sky5372 @Crunchy-Cucumber @Excalibur Queen @Sarah316 @Mockingchu @Eeveechu151 @Rhabby @SS-I Never @kyuukestu

I am so sorry if I forgot you.

  1. Sky_
    Dec 26, 2017