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A Melody so Peaceful

by meIoetta

Silence. It was the only thing she had known in the very alarming four hours she had lay passed out. A blow to the head from a glass bottle while trying to save her mother was what had done it. What had she ever done to deserve it? Life was so cruel, so insensitive. She was pretty, she was popular, she had talent, sure, but that was only what was expected of her. On the inside, she was suicidal, she hated her life. Her introversion kept her from talking to any of her friends about her problems, and she had never spoken to her parents about getting antidepressants or a therapist; they were too occupied with fighting violently outside of her bedroom. Only did she have a large, majestic Milotic, with whom she shared her feelings. She lived on a saltwater lake which housed it. She herself was never quite certain that the Pokémon was listening at all, however, she enjoyed speaking to it. It had always seemed to leave it's sunning rocks at a certain point of her stories, typically at the most random times possible. She would always wait a moment, as if to see the Pokémon eventually make it's return to the surface. Her waiting would always be in vain.
Only did she wake when a soothing melody swept through her hotel room. She was greeted by a happy, bubbly Chansey, who waved her way as she sat up in her bed. The bright pink Pokémon had been folding blankets, fresh out the wash, and putting them in a closet. The song had only grown stronger as she turned her legs to the side of the bed. She walked closer to the window, and the sound got louder. As she clicked the lock on the window, the song only amplified more and more, until she had opened it. The sound had vanished completely, as if swept away by her presence.
"Shiore?" She suddenly heard coming from the door. She turned, seeing the nurse.
"Would you happen to be Shiorehana Michino?" The pink-haired woman asked, stepping further inside of the room. Shiore responded with a very subtle nod, making her way over to the nurse, he assisted the young girl down to the lobby. When they got there, the nurse led her to a woman who held a pokéball that had resembled a Premier Ball, except there was a red cross on the top half. The woman wore an outfit that resembled the nurse's, however it had different colors. She wore a pink dress, a white apron, and a pink nurse's cap with a white stripe and cross. She was red-headed, with a shoulder braid, small freckles dotting her face.
"Well hello!" She said with a smile, standing up. "Is this Shiorehana?"
"It is," The nurse replied, prompting Shiore to shake the woman's hand, which she did after hesitating and pulling back a bit. She stared intently into the woman's very vibrant green eyes, searching for any foul intent. She hadn't found anything.
"Well, then, Shiorehana," The woman spoke, holding out the pokéball. "My name is Brandy, and I'm here to bring you your new friend," She leaned in closer. "I also really like your hair," She whispered, earning a soft, silent giggle from Shiore as she pulled back, putting the ball into her hands.
"Go ahead and open it," Brandy instructed. Shiore tapped the small button on the front, and pointed it outward, light shooting rapidly out of the spherical device. From the light appeared a Sylveon, who immediately made it's way to Shiore, and nuzzled its face into her leg. She smiled, reaching down to scratch behind its ear.
Brandy tapped her shoulder, and gave her a necklace. At the bottom of the chain was a black charm, shaped like a treble clef which doubles as an attached microphone such as one often used by singers. She immediately snatched up the necklace, and held it close to herself. It had been her mother's. She hadn't seen it, but her life had been ended by her abusive husband. She laced it around her neck as Brandy led her outside, Sylveon walking out behind them, staying as close as possible to Shiore. Once again, Shiore heard the tune, and could feel a warmth in her chest. She smiled, looking up to the sky, just in time to see of green, black, and sparkles whisk away.
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