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A Melodic Journey - Part 1 - Goodbye Petalburg City

by FairyKirlia

FairyKirlia hi guys it's me and i am writing a fanfic called a melodic journey. basically a girl named Melody (me) is on a pokemon journey. she is 14 years old and has auburn-red hair. hope you enjoy!
Melody was putting on her bag when her mom came in the room. "Melody, are you gonna be okay all alone out there?"
"I'll be fine, and plus, I won't be alone. Mystic is coming with me."
"Alright. You've started late, so I'm hoping you're prepared. Oh, I can't believe you're leaving!"
"I'm not leaving yet. I'm leaving tomorrow morning, Mom. Don't worry."
"Okay, well, you should sleep now. It's 9:00, the perfect time to rest. You're going to be a Pokemon trainer tomorrow!"
"Goodnight!" Melody concludes.
Melody lays down in bed and wonders, what will she choose? Treecko, Torchic, or Mudkip?
She wasn't sure. At all. She fell asleep thinking about it.
The next morning, Melody got up at 8:00. She grabbed her stuff, and her and her mother went to the lab. There were FOUR other kids there: May, Brendan, Wally, and her friend, Mystic
"I've been with this Ralts for a few weeks now," Wally says, "but I wanted to start off on my journey right now. I won't be needing a Pokemon, Professor Birch." He walks out the door.
"Who's that kid?" May asks.
Melody speaks up. "He's my neighbor, Wally." "He lives right by Petalburg Gym."
"That's where my dad Norman works!" May beams. "How did I not know this kid?"
"Okay everyone, time to choose your first pokemon! I have Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip."
"I choose Treecko!!" Brendan says grabbing the ball.
"In that case, Torchic will be mine!" May follows.
"Well, the only choice left is Mudkip, so I choose Mudkip!" Mystic trills.
"Um.. um... what about me?" Melody says quietly.
"I do have one more Pokemon. There's some problems with it, though." Professor Birch says.
"This is called Cosplay Pikachu. I have 5 small costumes for it to wear. Somehow, when it changes costume, it forgets a move and learns a new one... see? it knew Draining Kiss, now it has icicle crash."
"I-I'll take it." Melody replies.
That's when all five trainers say goodbye to their town, and goodbye to their family in Petalburg City.