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A Mediocre My Hero Series (MMHS): My Hero: Welcome to UA High! (Chapter Two)

by Steel_Snek

Steel_Snek Also re-did this one.
I used actual math to do this, overall this took all day because of the math and translating and list and so on.
Anyways, Tanoshi! 楽しい!
One week after the Entrance Exams, Hosu, Japan
As Sokudo finished his laps, the mail truck drove off. That was when he remembered that the acceptance/denial letters came in today.
He yanked open the mailbox and looked for his letter. It was on top of all the other junk mail. A pure white envelope with UA's logo stamped on the front. He left everything else and ran inside.
"Jinn! the letter's here!" He yelled
Jinn yelled an 'OK' and Sokudo ran into his room, closed the door, and gingerly opened the envelope.
A metal disc fell onto the carpet. Sokudo shrugged and reached back into the envelope, but as soon as he did, a projection of a hamster sitting in a leather chair behind a wooden desk popped out of the disc, it frightened Sokudo, causing him to drop the envelope.
"Hello, Hikari Sokudo, as you can see, I am a projection!" the humanoid-hamster said, Sokudo noticed a scar over its left eye, and his eyes focused themselves on it.
"I'm Nezu, the current principle of UA High."

"If we are correct, you participated in this year's Entrance Exams."
Nezu shuffled some papers...
"Your score on the Written Exam was 80%"

Sokudo exhaled, that was a relief. But there was still the practical exams...
"And now, your Practical Exam..."

Nezu scanned the paper...
"You had 61 Villain Points. However, there was an unspoken factor, Rescue Points."
"Rescue points are gained by showing your ability to be a true hero, saving the other heroes from danger
regardless of your current standings. You had 10 rescue points. Please watch the footage we have prepared for you."

It was a showing of two small rescues, one of blowing away a 1-point that had been ready to attack someone, the other a gust of wind from his speed tossing someone out of the way of a robot. it began counting his rescue points. he gained three from both of them combined. And then him sawing through the robot before everyone else blew it to shreds. That gained him seven points.
then a showing of the leader board.

  1. Sokudo
  2. Amai
  3. Kasai
  4. Deans
  5. Aka
  6. Keriere
  7. Kochi
  8. Iwa
  9. Shunrai
  10. Hai
"Hikari Sokudo..."
"We have taken note of your agility, speed, endurance, and overall combat ability."
"We see much potential in these factors."
"So, I shall say it again."
"Hikari Sokudo,"
"To UA High."

The projection shut off, leaving Sokudo to sit. Jinn walked in.
"Did you make it?"
"I-...I did!"
Sokudo pulled the rest out of the letter. First was some basic information, such as how the school started in the spring, what class he was in, a map of UA, and a student ID card. And then there was a paper requesting his suit and pants size. he filled it out and had Jinn stick it in an envelope to mail.

"Well? What now?" Jinn asked
"I'm gonna have to start training my quirk." He said, pumping his fist in the air.

April, at the gates of UA High, Musutafu, Japan.

Sokudo stood at the gates of the number one Hero School in all of Japan, walking under a blue post and looking at the garden, statues, and crowd of students, all a sea of grey and green.
Sokudo made his way to the number 1 door, and then to class 1-A.
As he sat in the middle, he noticed almost everyone was sitting on their desk, chatting or reading or drawing or something. But then a boy with spiky brown hair would walk around to them and tell them to not sit on the desk. He accomplished nothing, and eventually just sat down.
A boy with brown hair approached him and sat down next to him.
"What's your name?" the boy asked him
"Sokudo, yours?"
"Kasai. What's your quirk?"
"I'd rather not-"

"Calm down." said a man from the front of the room, silencing everyone.
The man had wild, long black hair, a trimmed beard, and a white scarf-like band wrapped around his neck loosely. He had on a black jumpsuit and a scar under his right eye.
On the board he wrote his name, it was somewhat sloppy, but no one said anything.

Mr. Aizawa
Sokudo felt like he'd heard that name before...
"Head towards your respective locker rooms and change into your gym uniforms, and hurry," Aizawa said, and everyone obeyed.
The uniform was a blue collared tee with the letters UA on it, but the A's legs stretched to the bottom of the pants.
Once everyone got outside, some people asked why they weren't going to the reception party, to which Aizawa responded with,
"We're not wasting our time with anything irrational."
He proceeded to tell them about the Quirk Apprehension Test. If they came in last, they would be expelled. And then lined them up to begin. First off was him and Kasai, in the 50 Meter Dash.
"ready..." Aizawa announced
Sokudo tuned his setting up to 50 mph (80 kmph) and felt his calves already straining. dust was blowing away from his legs, which Aizawa glanced at for a split second.
Sokudo shot off, blazing across the dash, and subconsciously speeding up, by the time he was at 30 m, he was at 100 mph.
"Sokudo: 00.00.2 milliseconds! That's a record!"
Everyone stared, in shock. Sokudo didn't like this...
"Kasai: 00.03.83"
Sokudo went back to the group, and so did Kasai.

Amai: 00.01.00 (Used Quirk)
Deans: 00.02.52( Turned into Hedgehog, it was blue, not sure why everyone laughed...)
Aka: 00.01.20 (Turned into Cheetah)
Iwa: 00.01.62
Keriere: 00.04.74
Hachi: 00.05.52 (Flew)
Koichi: 00.03.52
Keiko: 00.05.63

Now onto the grip strength test, in this you will grab this device, and attempt to pull the lever down to your hand, you will be measured in kg.
Sokudo walked up to the device, and squeezed, his quirk wouldn't work on this, it had to be pure muscle.
The device read 97 kg when he dropped it. That was good.

Kasai: 300 kg (turned metal by touching the device)
Amai: 135 kg (Used quirk)
Deans: 100 kg (turned into gorilla)
Aka: 100 kg (transformed into gorilla)
Iwa: 200 kg (broke his fingers because of the pressure of the rocks he applied to his fingers)
Keriere: 98 kg
Hachi: 87 kg
Koichi: 87 kg

Now onto the distance run. You will run as many laps as possible, four at a time, when one tires, another replaces them.
Sokudo, Kasai, Amai, and Deans lined up. Sokudo had to have endurance, so he set for 50 mph again. (80 kmph) Kasai didn't change, Deans turned into a cheetah, and Amai lined up.
Her quirk enhances her speed and strength, but how long does it last?
Two blasts of dust shot out as they took off.
Maybe if I cause some drag, too.
He set his arms behind his back and ran a little faster.
*10 minutes later*
Everyone had given up except him, Amai, and Iwa, who was surfing on a rock. Amai's quirk was obviously giving in, Iwa's rock was starting to shake, and Sokudo was tiring.
One... more...
Speed of sound, flying at 767 mph, and then his last sputter of a double burst, and supersonic. 2000 mph (3218 kmph)
They couldn't quite calculate what he'd run, but it was far enough to go from one end of Japan and stop halfway.
He was shaking from the exerted energy and grabbed his water.
Now onto the standing long jump, jump over the sandbox to pass!
Sokudo had hardly anything left, but he launched himself over the sandbox.

Kasai: failed
Amai: pass
Deans: pass
Aka: pass
Iwa: pass
Keriere: failed
Hachi: pass
Keiko: failed
Koichi: failed
Onto the repeated side steps!
Sokudo: 113
Kasai: 100
Amai: 115
Deans: 110
Aka: 110
Iwa: 300
Keriere: 130
Hachi: 48

Keiko: 50
Koichi: 83
And then, the final test.
The Ball Throw.
Sokudo pulled together everything he had. He could muster together a quiet sonic boom, just barely make the ball go the speed of sound. He felt it pulling together, his arm tensing so much all the hair on his arm spiked up, and his veins felt like they were overflowing. the occasional shock, spark, or ember would fly.
He wound back.
The ball went sailing.

Sokudo: 1000 m
Kasai: 705.3 (Turned into rubber)
Amai: 705.6
Deans: 300 (donkey)
Aka: 300 (Monkey)
Iwa: *Infinity (Surrounded by rocks, then commanded the to fly to the ends of space... so...)
Keriere: 400 (Whipped it, quite literally.)
Hachi: 100
Keiko: 100.2
Koichi: 700 (used a short wall of fire, the heat carried the ball.)


  1. Sokudo
  2. Amai
  3. Kasai
  4. Iwa
  5. Koichi
  6. Keriere
  7. Deans
  8. Aka
  9. Keiko
  10. Hachi
Hachi, the bee-like dude he remembered seeing at the Entrance Exams, froze.
"oh, by the way, I lied about expulsion," Aizawa said, giving him a lot of dirty looks from a lot of different people.
"go change and then you can head home..." Aizawa said, and everyone shuffled off, except Iwa, who walked himself to Recovery Girl's office to get treatment for his fingers.

On the way back, Sokudo and Kasai had a conversation, mostly just introductions.
"So you can run really fast?" Kasai asked
"Yeah, that's about it." Sokudo chuckled
"Come to think of it, Recommendation Students come in tomorrow, don't they?" Sokudo asked
"I think so... Anyways, this is my turn. See you tomorrow."
"See ya'," Sokudo replied
They turned opposite directions, Sokudo for the bus stop, Kasai for his neighborhood.
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