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A Magical Trip in Wonderland: A Magical Trip in Wonderland: Chapter 1

by TooBlue12

TooBlue12 The first chapter of a fan story about Wonderland involving some characters that I have used in a role play.
It all started on a clear and beautiful day in a meadow during the season of Summer. A girl who liked to go by the nickname Blue was looking for her pet Vampdragon. She had brown hair and green eyes. She wore jeans and a plain blue t-shirt.
Her pet had a habit of going off on his own and exploring. That is why Blue and Red were out on this beautiful day looking for him.

“Sorry to drag you into this Red” Blue said as she and her opposite from another world were walking.

“I am only doing this so this all gets done faster. If I don't help it will take you forever to find your stupid pet. Then we won't get to that ridiculous little get together with your friends you are making me go along with you to.” Red said clearly annoyed.

She was Blue’s opposite from another dimension. With the same green eyes and brown hair. Wearing dark jean shorts with a red tank top.

It was a long and complicated story of why they were both in the same dimension at the moment, so we'll save that for another time.

“Well, thanks for helping out anyway,” Blue said replied with a smile. She was about to say something else to Red when she spotted Saber in the distance. He was on the edge of the field they were in. He was flying near the tree line beyond some of the rolling hills of green grass. “Saber!” She said calling out her pet's name before quickly sprinting after him.

Her pet ’s name was Saber. He was a fire Vampdragon; so his coloring was a red color, and he could spew fire out of his mouth. He was about the size of a head and had bat-like wings and fangs.

Red followed close behind her not wanting Blue to end up lost knowing the girl had a poor sense of direction. That would only cause her to waste more of her time knowing she would end up having to help locate Blue as well.

Saber disappeared into the forest quickly unknowing that his owner was even calling him. He was not the smartest of creatures.

The two girls followed him ending up at a big oak tree within the forest. The oak tree looked quite old with its dark thick trunk and huge branches covered in ivy and large leaves. The branches stretched out and created a dark shadow that cooled the surrounding area below it.

“Where did that little rascal go?....” Blue said voicing her thoughts while looking at the surroundings without moving.

Red looked at Blue and retorted to her. “Try looking around first before asking that out loud.”

“Yeah yeah, oh, look! Maybe he went in there!” She said as she got to her knees, and took a look at a large hole at the bottom of the old oak tree going far into the ground.

“I think that is some old rabbit hole. Try poking your head in.”

Blue looked at Red like she was crazy. “If he is in there he might fry my face when I poke my head in! Are you crazy?!”

Red rolled her eyes at Blue’s response to what had she said.

“Fine then, get a stick. Just do something to at least see if he is even in there. That thing is so deep and dark I can't even see the end of it. That derpy rodent of yours might not even be in there.”

Blue decided to try shining a light in the hole to see if Saber was indeed in there or not. Because this entire time her pet had not made a sound. They were pretty sure he had flown this way. So it was logical to assume he was hidden in the hole. He liked to hide in places much like this at home, and he didn't seem to be anywhere else around them.

Now, Blue wasn't going to just use an ordinary flashlight, or any other ordinary way to brighten up a dark the dark rabbit hole. She had the ability of magic. She could cast many spells, and do things with her magic abilities. Red was like her in that case. She could also perform magic feats.

Red watched as Blue cast a small light spell and poked her head in.

“I still can't really see anything. This is barely lit up. I don't even see the end of it!”

It was true. The hole was nearly pitch black and seemed to reach on for miles as far as the two could see. Maybe even forever! That is what came across Blue's mind at least. A hole that went on forever was impossible, although who was she to

“Guess we should go in, or just leave it be. I prefer the last choice. Let's go.” Red said being done with wasting so much time on something so trivial, and not worth her time.

“No, we can't just leave him! He could be hurt, lost, or stuck.” Blue said as she pulled her head back out and looked at Red with determination written across her face. “I think we need to go in there and look for him.”

“You said you couldn't even see the end. It could go down too deep and you would be unable to get out. You would be the one ending up hurt, lost and stuck. Don't waste our time. The thing can fly, can't it?! He has wings for God's sake! So let's just let it be and-” Before Red could finish her little rant; Blue had already moved and gone in. Red quickly tried to grab her annoying opposite before she fell, but all she was able to accomplish was getting pulled in as well, and falling down the rabbit hole along with Blue.
  1. Eevee is who I am
    Eevee is who I am
    Get chapter your like my friend you both write a ton
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    ^^ Well I can't wait!
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  4. TooBlue12
    @AspenTR33 Wow it is good to hear that someone wants to read part two! :o
    I actually haven't finished it quite yet. I have a good amount written out already, but I have just been so busy I haven't had the time to finish it.
    Oct 13, 2016
  5. Cloudswift
    When are you going to post part 2?
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    :angel:=Blue >:D=Red :up::up::up:=How I think this story started out.
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    it was really good :up::):up: thumbs up
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