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Pokemon Stories: A Little Campfire

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 Smoke,Mystic,Will,Wave,and my new Houndoom secretly sneak out of the house without me knowing.But,can they stay hidden without me finding out?
We sneaked out of Cloud's home before the end of the sunset,and the sunset was beautiful!
"Hey Smoke!Wait up!"a certain Houndoom whispered.
"Come on,Houndoom,I'm SO hungry!"a Gallade said in a loud-but-quiet voice.I took the lead of the group and showed them the spot for a PERFECT campfire place.Mystic,a Alakazam,put up the tent,while Will,the Gallade,Houndoom,and Wave,a female Swampert,sat around the campfire I made keeping warm.Though,Wave sat back a farther distance away and laid on her back.I looked at Wave thinking about her being a hero when my flame makes a burned campground.I laid down in shadows,keeping my tail towards my stomach,and slept.
The next thing I know,EVERYONE is fighting!
"No,your not allowed to have marshmallows until AFTER we have the Hot Dogs!".
"Who said?!And who made you in charge here?!"
"Come on!For once,I agree with Mystic,he seems reasonable enough!".
"Oh shut up Wave!Your not the one craving a sweet taste!Besides,you look a little too fat to eat marshmallows."
"YOU LITTLE-".Everyone raised their voice while I watched chaos unfold,and then I took the marshmallows from them.
"HEY!!!"every pokemon yelled at me,I sat down and nodded,they continued on with the food.
I looked behind them to see something,but it quickly disappeared.When they finally got the food done,Mystic passed around the appropriate portions for all of us.I chomped down on mine and put the marshmallows close to the fire.
"Now we eat them."I said,a little annoyed,Wave opened the bag and Will got out the chocolate and graham crackers.While they roasted their marshmallows around the fire,I roasted mine by my tail.When we were done,the others slept in tent while I slept outside.
All of a sudden,my body was wrapped around with a blanket,my OWN blanket!But I accepted the small gift and slept peacefully through the night.When I woke up,I saw Cloud sitting under a tree,
"I saw you sneak out,I decided to follow you to the campground,when I got here you guys were roasting marshmallows,so I wait-"we heard loud yawns and Cloud quickly slipped into the forest,being hidden again.Mystic,Houndoom,Will,and Wave came out of the tent.
"Are you guys-"
"guys and girls ready to go?"all of them nodded and we left.When we got there,Cloud made us have a discussion with her.
"Now,whenever you want to go somewhere,just tell me please.",we all nodded and left,having fun for the rest of the day.