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Day Of Raichu: A life of an Raichu.

by Popplio

Popplio You know those shows where they just talk about everything they had done today? Yeah, im going to do that, in a written style! (You can also ask him some things if you like!)
Hello, today you are introduced to Raichu. A boy Pokemon that lives in a treehouse not far away from the sea. He has a brother named Pikachu that gets a lot more fame that Raichu likes. He wants to be famous too! He has a mom and a dad of course, and the internet do exist here. He has a PokeCharms account named XRaichuX. And now- "Wait, what are you doing here?!" No- nothing Raichu! I was just introducing you- "I can introduce myself Celebi! Okay, hello everybody! Name's Raichu as this "smart" Celebi said to you. Lets begin with what i had been doing today! Well.. Let me seee. Oh! Yes. I woke up in my bed and grapped out after my phone. I had gotten a SMS from my brother Pikachu. "You laying in bed? Come up dude!" he texted. If i knew my brother right, he was also in bed. So i texted back: "You lay in the bed too. Get out and get your food! Angry smiley angry smiley" i smiled and was going on PokeCharms, a nice little girl AbsolLoverXx has drawed a picture of me! But as soon as i saw it. It was a picture of my brother! I commented why she would tag me if it was a picture of my brother! She texted back that he was faboulous and was the best Pikachu around. I laughed. That could only be Pikachu that made a false account. I texted him again: "Oh hey AbsolLoverXx you like Pikachu? Winky face." he didnt answer. I then sleeped again. I woke up. Ate my breakfast and walked outdoors. My brother was there talking to a Charmander. I walked up to them. But the Charmander pointed at me and asked something to Pikachu, he answered and laughed. I walked close to them and asked why it was so much fun. They just said i was in love with AbsolLover! I was so mad that i punched the Charmander in the face. He looked at me and ran home crying. Pikachu just said he was going to tell mom and was running home, but i got him layed down and said that i wouldnt punch him if he didnt tell. He nodded but ran in and telled anyways. Mom was mad at me, and was in my room all day. Sometimes Pikachu texted me about "Sorry, but i had to tell! Sad face." and "Can we be friends again? Happy face" I didnt answer. Well, Mom came in with food, i ate it. And was soon in DreamLand. Sorry, theres not much to that day. Well. I will see you guys soon!" Yes.. Its ok now. Raichu is away now. I just want to ask something.. If you guys are want to know more about Raichu he can say in the next day, please comment. Try not to spoil anything to Raichu about Sun and Moon. He hates when you spoil anything! Well then.. Bye!