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A Legendary Encounter

by Airsome55

Airsome55 This is for the creative flash challenge
Ace and Decidueye made it past the final floor and knew who their final opponent would be, "So son, you made it all this way. I ain't surprised for somebody who's my son," Chris said to Ace, "I can't believe it's you dad!" Ace said shocked and with his mouth gapped open, "Shall we begin our match son?"
Chris said with a hand on a pokeball ready to use, "You bet. Come on out Vikavolt!" Ace trew a Pokeball out onto the empty field. As Vikavolt came out it sparkled due to it being a shiny, "Wow! Such an amazing catch, come on out Charizard!" Chris said as he threw his pokeball out revealing a powerful, dragon looking beast, this showed that the battle started, "Go Vikavolt, use Thunderbolt!" Vikavolt responded by blasting huge blasts of thunder, "Quick, counter it with Flamethrower!" Chris said with such enthusiasm! The blast from the two Pokemon's attacks made a huge blast, covering the place with smoke. Once the smoke dissapeared it revewled the Pokemon flying about blasting attacks at each other, "Our Pokemon are giving it their all, so it's about time we stop holding back!" Chris said holding up a fist, "Mm-hmm," Ace replied, "Go Vikavolt, hit 'em hard wit Bug Buzz!" Ace commanded and Vikavolt did so, "Quick Charizard, dash towards them and use Fire Fang!" Charizard flew at top speed towards the Shiny bug Pokemon and bit it hard with it's scorching hot fangs, "VIIIIK!" Vikavolt shouted in pain as it took an attack it was weak too, "No, Vikavolt!" Ace shouted towards is injured Pokemon. The Charizard threw the Pokemon onto the floor, "Now finish it with Flamethrower!" The Charizard blasted a huge wave of fire towards the Pokemon on the ground. Vikavolt was found on the floor, fainted, "Haha, come on son, that was too easy, you better bring out something worthy of battling!" Chris said to Ace as he returned his Pokemon, "Your gonna regret saying that dad, it's your turn, Ditto!" Ace shouted as he threw the Pokeball out revealing a purple slimy Pokemon, "Ok Ditto, use transform!" Ace said as he pointed to the Charizard. Ditto started to change it's form until it became a Charizard, "Now use Air Slash!" Ace said as the Ditto, which was now a Charizard, charged towards the opposing Charizard and struck it lucky with the attack right on point, "Good move but the original always wins, Charizard, Use Flamethrower!" Chris shoted, "You too Ditto!" Ace shouted. They both blasted each other but Ace's Ditto blasted even harder hitting the opposing Charizard causing it to faint, "Return, well that was impressive now see if u can handle this. Go, Feraligatr!" Chris shouted as he threw his pokeball revealing Feraligatr, "Ditto, use Transform!" The ditto turned into the Feraligatr and a huge battle took place. After the battle, both Pokemon fainted. The trainers used their other Pokemon until they were down to one Pokemon, "So, you having fun?" Chris asked his son while breating heavily, "Yeah, how about we finish this?" Ace asked his father while breathing heavily too, "If your sure your ready for this," Chris said as Ace looked at his partner and nodded, "It's your turn Decidueye," Ace said to his partner, Decidueye leaped into battle, "Come on out, HOOPA!" Chris shouted as he threw his masterball into the air and pulled the cock from the bottle turning Hoopa into Hoopa Unbound "Son, I am using this Pokemon because I know you are ready for this," Chris said to Ace as Ace and Decidueye looked at the Pokemon they had to beat in shock, "Well, we never know until we try, Decidueye, use Leaf Blade!" Decidueye charged towards the Pokemon at a high speed and as it did so, Decidueye's arm turned into a green looking saber. The attack managed to hit Hoopa, but Hoopa stayed as if it had never been hit, "Now Hoopa, use Phsycic!" Chris said as he pointed to the Decidueye. Hoopa lifted Decidueye with it's mind and smashed him onto te floor, it repeated this many times, "Decidueye!" Ace shouted looking worried then Hoopa threw Decidueye towards the wall making it hit the wall hard. Ace dashed towards his Decidueye, "Are you... ok?" Ace asked Decidueye holding it up, "De..." Decidueye replied while nodding, it slowly got up on it's own and stood straight, "Hmm, your bond is strong, let's see how strong you really are!" Chris shouted towards Ace and Decidueye. Decidueye looked at Ace with a look that says 'I want to continue!', "If your sure that you want to continue Decidueye, let's use our Z-crystal!" Ace said grabbing Decidueye's Z-Crystal from his pocket and putting it on, "Well then we'll use our best move too. Hoopa, use Hyperspace Hole!" Chris shouted at his Hoopa as his Hoopa charged up to make te powerful attack. "LET'S GO DECIDUEYE!" Ace did the moves he needed to do and Decidueye became surrounded by Z-Power, "SINISTER ARROW RAID!" Ace shouted at his Pokemon. Both Pokemon's powers were about to be released, but then...