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A Journey worth A Thousands of Fears

by Sasha the Eevee Master

Sasha the Eevee Master Catch of The Day
"Great just great, it got away!"Sasha screamed towards the skies. Charmander rolled her eyes. "Sasha what happened?" said Claire as she strolled over to Sasha, Rick ridding his Ponyta who was going crazy. (his Ponyta is hypo
nature- Rick eyes twitches with annoyance sometimes- Sasha) "Ponyta calm!!! CCALM!!" He screamed as Ponyta ran south! "Okay.... So what's the matter?" She asked putting her left gloved purple hand on her hip.

"Well.... A SHINY EEVEE JUST GOT AWAY GET OUT YOUR TAILLOW AND TELL HER TO FIND IT!! PLEASE!! I WANT HER SO BAD FUTURE SLYVEON HERE!!" Sasha screamed. Claire covered her ears so she didn't loose them and picked up a Poké ball with a coordinator seel on it, she summoned out taillow, she appeared with love hearts that surrounded her and exploded. 'tailll-ooow!' Claire lifted up her hand a petted taillows head gently. "Hey Taylor I need you to find a shiny eevee! Think you can do that.... of course you can right
' TAILLO-OOOW' thank you Taylor."

3 hours later-
The move hit hard and fast the shiny eevee hurt badly struggled to stand!
"GO, GO Sasha!! Catch that eevee!" Claire and Rick chanted. Sasha raised the Poke Ball and threw it. It hit and eevee was pulled into it shook three times. And stars came from the button. It. Was. Caught.

"YESSSSS!" Sasha screamed, holding the poke ball in the air. "Gottcha eevee! you are going to be my little Eve!! Ha-ha!!"

"Sasha you okay!" Asked Rick.... " She is perfectly fine Rick!" Said Claire.

Next chapter..- A evolution of the daylight...A Salamence fall!!
  1. Azur
    This is a very good story. Good luck with the rest! ;)
    Jan 10, 2015