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A Great Adventure: A Great Adventure Chapter 2

by Storm The Fabulous

Storm The Fabulous This is the part 2 of the story.
So, this is part two of my project, sorry if I'm too repetitive in the last part.
Can you find a reference to a TV show on the way?

This is the next part of my crazy story. This may be a little bit weird for some readers, just please don’t offend please. Enjoy!

Marco’s POV

I ran after someone I did not know with Star because, well… she was running after that guy, so I thought that she apparently knew who he was. He was really fast, because, as it looked like, we were getting farther from him each second. After some minutes of a long and tiring persecution, he hid somewhere so hidden we could not find him, so we left.


Until this point I could not think of what could go wrong. I sighed a sigh of relief because I was safe from Star, but I should’ve not done that. The moment I did it, Star and Marco found my hiding place, and the persecution continued…

The chase continued for 5 long hours that seemed like centuries. At that point, I was surrounded by Star and Marco in front of me. On my left, grizzly bears. On my right, pandas? This was getting weird. And behind me, POLAR BEARS? Something is definitely wrong with the wildlife in the woods. I don’t know where to go. Star, grizzlies, pandas, polar bears. Star, grizzlies, pandas, polar bears. Star, grizzlies, pandas, polar bears. Star, grizzlies, pandas, polar bears. It simply was a hard decision! Then I remembered it.


Well, great suspense?

The next part is ready, just need to put the finishing touches.