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A Girl Trainer, Part Two

by Pyrope

Pyrope Rose is on her way to Viridian City, and on the way, she finds a common Route 1 find...
Rose ran briskly through the tall grass. She stopped and looked down. A Rattata was nibbling on a nut.
“Go, Ivy!” The Bulbasaur looked at Rose. She dug a Pokedex out of her bag, and checked Ivy’s statistics.
“Ivy, Bulbasaur. Knows Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed, and Vine Whip.” The Pokedex warbled.
“Ivy! Use Vine Whip!” Vines extended from the bulb on Ivy’s back. The vines struck the Rattata, who curled up in a ball. The breathing of the Mouse Pokémon was raspy. Rose chose that moment to throw a Poke Ball at the Pokémon. The Rattata was sucked into the Poke Ball. It shook rapidly while flashing. A popping sound echoed through the air. Rose picked up the Poke Ball. “I think I’m going to call you Cinnamon.”