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A Girl and Her Torchic - chapter 1

by acefromspace

"Yuna! Darling, wake up! It's finally time!" Yuna Odryna, a girl of merely twelve, groaned and rolled over in her bed. She knew she should get up soon, but the bed was just so comfortable...
"YUNA!" Her mother yelled up the stairs once more, and Yuna felt her body jolt out of bed. "Ouch.." She sat up, rubbing her elbow and groaning again. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. She was a mess. Her long black hair was tangled and in knots and she had drool smeared across her face.
"Gross.." She grabbed a tissue and wiped the drool away, glancing at the clock. As she wasn't wearing her glasses, she couldn't see the time clearly. 7:50 something a.m. She had to be at the lab at 8:00.
"Mom why didn't you get me up sooner?!" She cursed under her breath and ran to her closet, grabbing a brush and combing her hair on the way. She started going through her clothes, throwing things everywhere, looking for the perfect outfit for her journey. Something cute, but also something that showed she wasn't to be messed with.
After looking through for a few minutes, Yuna finally settled on a black button down t-shirt with red accents and white buttons, red shorts, red and black knee high socks, white converse, and a black and red hat to keep some of her hair in place. She would have to skip breakfast.
As Yuna ran downstairs, she looked and saw her mother at the stove and her father watching the television. It was turned to some weird cooking channel, but she couldn't see it properly. She gasped and realized she forgot her glasses, and ran back upstairs to grab them. She could see the clock clearly after adorning her face with her red half moon glasses. 7:58.
Now, Littleroot isn't a very big town. It's easy to navigate, as there are only a few houses and the lab. But if you're Yuna, you're very clumsy, and it can be quite hard to walk straight on a road without tripping. And it didn't help that she had just woken up.
Yuna ran back downstairs, and her mom threw her an apple as she headed for the door. "Daily dose of nutrition!" Her mother laughed as Yuna tried not to drop it. "Bye mom, bye dad! I love you both!" She ran out and started towards the lab, tripping on a little root jutting out on the ground.
This sudden-almost-fall gave her time a few seconds to survey her surroundings. They were mostly all the same. Three houses. The lab. Route 101. A boy with black hair holding a blue cat thing. Wait, that wasn't normal...
She had no time to think. The seconds were ticking down. She scrambled to regain her footing and dove into the lab. Just as it turned to 8:00 o'clock.
A/N: Hi! I'm Lake, I'm new to Pokécharms. This isn't my first fanfiction, but I haven't written in a long time. I'll try to post as much as possible, I'm probably not going to set a schedule right now. As you can tell by the title, Yuna will have a Torchic! There will also be the characters who chose Mudkip and Treecko. And, of course, the boy with the strange blue cat thing. Feel free to guess which Pokémon he's holding. This story will also be on wattpad under the username lameacefromspace. Until next time! ~Lake
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