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Leads To The Same.: A Fight Like No Other. (Chap 3)

by DaVioletAce

DaVioletAce Jade refuses to accept that her friends, alive and well, are here. Of all places, HERE. A fight breaks out, and Carrie and Ethan can't do anything about it. Will Alex hold his guard? Or will Jade's words finally break his barriers?
Chapter 3: A Fight Like No Other.

"I'm not saying you should you stuff your head on a toilet, Alex!" Jade hissed. "I think you should flush your head along with it!" Alex gave her a seething glare. "What a merry surprise that you'd follow me here." Jade growled. "Merry surprise? We weren't supposed to see each other again!" Soon everyone were watching the two eleven year olds throw insult by insult back at each other. Carrie and Ethan, the other two friends, gaped at both of them. "Go back to rich mummy, Alex!"

"Ha! As if! At least you have a mother! Mine's dead!" Alex glared. "AT LEAST YOU HAD BOTH PARENTS!" Jade yelled. Alex ignored and threw more insults. "Your father has LONG hair! That wasn't respected, was it?" Alex jeered. "Like anyone 'respected' your pimply mother! They trusted mine to be a talker at the Mass! What did yours get? Janitor." Jade threw. Alex gasped, before turning to her. "Just so you know, janitor's are very important - " Alex yelled. "I HEARD YOU JEERING THAT THEY WERE EMO'S!" The few janitors in the hall turned to glare at Alex.

"You blithering ass! This is the reason you were to leave!" Alex growled. "Ha! I left of my own accord, and you wanna know why?" Jade's voice was scary, dark even. The pokeballs on her belt shivered uncertainly, as if sensing they're trainer's rage. Alex fell backwards as Jade walked forward like a wolf, her eyes boring into his. The large crowd took a few steps back. "Because you ruined it." her aqua eyes finally broke through Alex's barriers - taking back his old kindness - the barriers he had tried so so hard to protect.

"There will be no one who loves you. No one." Jade said sharply. Jade stood up and kicked him in the groin. Carrie and Ethan grabbed him, as Jade readied to hit him again, Carrie grabbed her arms, and held back a screaming and kicking Jade. "I WAS FINE WITHOUT YOU!" She yelled. "YOU JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF ANNOYING ME, HUH!" she hissed. "YOU'RE A MONSTER! YOU ARE THE BLITHERING ASS!" She screamed. "GET AWAY FROM HERE, GET AWAY!" Her voice echoed through the corridors, and the whole building shook. "GET AWAY - !"

Sorry if it was short! ;3
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