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A Fallen King

by pastelufos


“The mighty have fallen. I grow old and weak,” the old Nidoking told his companion as they rested during their walk through the cavern. “The children, I worry for them. What if I've become too weak to protect them?”

The even older Drampa placed a small hand on the large Pokémon's knee. “My boy, do not speak this way... Your children are safe. So long as you are here and continue to inspire their young minds, that will be enough.”

They exchanged soft expressions for a second. The Drampa stood slowly and held onto the old cane in his little paw. “Come now, King. They will be expecting us soon. We must be there for the children you have raised. Do not worry. I am just glad I raised you right.”

With the softest, but deepest hardy laugh, The King rose to his feet. “Indeed you have. Thank you old man...”​

The King, a Guildmaster in the PMD story I've been whipping up over time. He's just an old, good natured explorer who wants his rescuers and explorers to be safe. Because those are his kids. And if you hurt his kids, you better be prepared for an angry Nidoking. ​