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A Duel between Friends

by Curtkid

The wind is roaring.jpeg
Curtkid A picture I drew of mine and @PentheWonderful's OC's, standing ready and about to have a friendly battle. This was really fun to do, though a bit difficult to fit all those character's in, still glad I did it, might do a few more pieces similar to this.

Just encase anyone cares, on Cassie's team we got:

Nine the Ninetales- Nine is Cassie's signature Pokemon (or atleast, I'm pretty sure he is) and boasts powerful long ranged attacks, specializing in Fire instead of Psychic powers. I have him and Embertail competitivly glaring at each other because, in addition to both being their trainers "signature Pokemon", both a fire types as well as the "goofy" ones of the group (Embertail a bit more so the Nine) and consider each other rivals as well as friends.
Fang the Garchomp- Cassie's strongest Pokemon, funny thing is, half way through drawing him I decided "you know what, I want to make him look as scary as possible", not sure if I succeed or not. He definitely looks eager to fight his rival Whips, indeed a worth opponent for a creature as mighty as him.
Ryu the Lucario- Like most Lucario, Ryu is loyal, fierce, and extremely protective of his trainer. His ear is slightly chewed up, partly because Nine likes to chew on it, but also because, for some odd reason, Pokemon keep biting his ears.
Ace the Swanna- apparently a neat freak, thus he prefers long range attacks and barraging his opponents with status aliments. I may not have entirely captured that personality here, but the way he's yelling at Curts team does seem like he's trying to warn them to not get his feathers dirty.
Peridot the Kirlia- right now, Peridot is still a Ralts in our RP's, but I feel as though she's going to evolve soon (Cassie's had her for a while) and I thought a Kirlia in that stance would look cooler then a Ralts.
Lady the Purrlion- a newly hatch Purrlion given to her by her Ex-boyfriend who mysteriously vanished one day....Lady likes shiny things and is often playing with an Amulet Coin...which I should have added to her as a collar...damn, but oh well.

And on Curt's team we got:
Embertail the Charmander- Curt's signature Pokemon and closest friend, he hits fast and hard and is always cheerful to boot! Him and Curt go back to when they were 4 years old and have an incredibly close bond, his boundless optimism constantly keeps the groups spirits up!
Whips the Dragonite- Curt's strongest teammate and heavy physical hitter, you'd want to save your strongest Pokemon for this guy, or at least a solid Ice type. Significantly less scary looking then Fang, but by no means a push over, he's hesitant to use his great power on a weaker foe, but is always happy to face a challenge, like his rival Fang!
Lockjaw the Croconaw- a shy (and tad cowardly) little alligator, but he can come through in a pinch when his friends need him. He's sort of a "jack of all trades "kinda Pokemon, with decent physical and special attacks as well as good endurance. Funny, I just realized this is the first time I posted him in a picture here, I might have post a few more pictures of him here soon.
Jasper the Cubone- Despite her bold and "gun ho!" attitude, Jasper is more of a long range fighter and trap setter (Stealth Rock FTW) with solid defense to take whatever is thrown at her. She definitely seems eager to get the battle under way, doesn't she?
Raviel the Jolteon- Curt's teams mix sweeper, boosting solid Attack and Special attack to tackle any foe thrown at him. He's not one to take anyone's crap and can act a little cocky, but his wide move pools allows him to face just about any foe. For some reason, he always has a toothpick in his mouth.
Flare the Ninetales- an extremely fast and powerful long ranged attacker, also the wisest one on the group (yes, this includes Curt). She is sort of the teams "mom" and is constantly keeping everyone else (again, including Curt) in line...unless shes had a few drinks(for the record, Curt has no idea where she gets them). Unlike Nine, she prefers using her mystical psychic and ghostly powers to assault her foes, though her fire attacks are nothing to turn you nose up at.

And that's the bios, hope you all enjoy the picture and I hope that you all well see more of me soon (Art wise at least)!
  1. PentheWonderful
    Aww, this is awfully sweet of you, Curt. ♥
    Thank you for making this!!
    Jun 9, 2016