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A drawing about my first shiny

by Gio20400

My first caught shiny.png
Gio20400 Just a terrible drawing I made (I was kinda late for something so I drew this a little too fast XD)

I had uploaded a photo of the shiny, but I didn't know I couldn't post photos of the game itself here, sorry about that ^^;

So my first shiny was caught in Omega Ruby and it was a female Oddish that I later decided it would turn into a Vileplume.
Just like in this comic, I....heh....Had quite the reaction, I screamedvery loudly while my mom was cooking with my grandparents XD
I screamed like
"IS THAT A SHINY??????????????????????????"
I didn't notice there was a shiny in the horde, so I only realised after I heard that sound effect that Shiny Pokemon make when you find them XD

My second shiny in Omega Ruby was a Carvanha which was caught with chain-fishing and that's when I started my chain-fishing in Pokemon XY and ORAS.

In Pokemon Y, my first shiny was a Haunter I caught with the Master Ball (I used the Master Ball because my team was very low on HP and the shiny could kill them all, so I couldn't fail).
Some days later, after becoming the Kalos Champion, I gained access to Friend Safari and found a Shiny Delibird while chatting with a friend on Skype (I was on her safari lol XD), and the last shiny I caught in Y was a Vanillite while I was looking for Smoochums.