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A Different Kind of Pokemon Rescue Team

by Curtkid

A Different Kind of Rescue Team.jpeg
Curtkid In which case three house bound Pokemon, inspired by the heroic tales of Wild Pokemon Rescue Teams, attempt to form a rescue team of their own to help get a Torchic's kite down....with questionable results.

Yeah, Embertail and a few other neighborhood Pokemon: Swampking (Mudkip) and Petunia (Chikorita) trying what they believe to be a "rescue mission". i'm actually fairly happy with how this came out, I think the shadings nice, and it actually has a background of some kind!

Oh, and for those of you wondering: Petunia doesn't know Vine Whip yet, that's why she's not using it to get the kite down, and Embertail suggested this as an alternative.