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A Demon's Child

by Kasumi~chan

Kasumi~chan Probably just a one shot...
Ciara was the only human in this entire realm. She was brought to the demon realm when she was very little. She knew she was a human, but she never considered that she might be special. The demon who raised her always told her that no one is special. So she just rolled with it. Ciara only had one friend, mostly because she was homeschooled. His name was Azrael. He was a few years older then Ciara, but they still got along just fine. One night they were hanging out in an alley near the town square.

"Y'know Ciara, I think your kinda nice to be a demon's child," Azrael told her.

"Really? Thanks, I guess..." She replied quietly. He gave her a smirk and she blushed.

"I should probably get going." He said. Ciara hugged him goodbye and he left her, by herself in the alley on that cold winter night. She sat there for a while and thought. Why didn't I tell him? She asked herself. She slowly walked back home as she watched all the demons fly by her. She didn't have wings because, well, she's a human. Anyway, once she got back home her demon mom was very angry with her.

"I told you not to stay out late!" She exclaimed. Ciara scurried up the stairs and into her room before her mom could say anything else. Her room was very small, it only fit her bed and a dresser. Everything was black and red in her room. She had a lamp on top of her dresser which glowed red as well. Her room was so small that her bed was right in front of the dresser so she could use it as her desk. She sat down on her bed and started drawing. She loved drawing, she mostly drew what she thought flowers looked like because she had never seen a flower before. There were no flowers in the demon realm, yet there was a Sun... Anyway, it was WAY past her bedtime when she was finished with her drawing. Ciara made it lean against the lamp and stared at it until she fell asleep.
The next day, she got up and went downstairs. She went straight for the fridge and looked around for something to eat.

"Hiya!" A demon girl said from the window.

"AAH!" Ciara screamed. The demon girl laughed.

"Sorry mate! I'm Blair! What's your name?" She asked her. Ciara stood there for a little and realized she was talking to her.

"Oh, I'm Ciara. Nice to meet you?" She said confused, why was this demon girl flying upside down right next to the kitchen window?

"Was that a question, or what?"

"No...Not really." Then Blair flew threw the window and sat down on the counter. Ciara's mom walked into the room right after this happened.

"Oh, hello Blair..." She greeted the red-headed girl.

"Wait! You know her?" Ciara asked. Her mom sighed.

"Yes, she is the annoying neighbor girl." She replied. Blair chuckled at this. The old, strict women left.

"She's such a old lady..." Blair said, Ciara laughed a little. "You wanna go to the restaurant down town?"

"Uh, sure I guess." As soon as she said this, Blair grabbed her hand and pulled her out the window. This was probably the beginning of a incredibly friendship. Or, so she thought...
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