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Day Of Raichu: A Day of Raichu!

by Popplio

Popplio A series of your all wanted Raichu! Not really. But. Hey.
Oh, you guys are still here? Nice! Well. Welcome then. Raichu is going to be pretty mad today. I better go away. Bye! "Celebi? Huh, its already away. Anyways, welcome to my show! Where everyone is accepted blah blah. Well then, lets get started. I woke up and walked down to breakfast when my brother yelled something. "YEEEEEES!" he said and ran out of the door. I couldnt ask him what it was. I took some Wooper'os and asked my brother what he yelled. He said that he had met a nice girl on the Internet. Mom asked if she has asked where he lived. She had not. Once he was done he ran up to his room. I was already done so i walked up to my brother and opened the door. I closed it and sat down on his bed. "What do you want?" he asked and saw on me. "I want to tell you something." i said and clapped on the bed. He soon after sat on the bed and asked what it was. "You see, there is something called catfish in this world." i said. "Catfish?" he asked and saw up on me. I continued. "You can get tricked on the Internet. The girl can be a boy if you don't look out." i said he just said that could never happen. "Don't believe me? Well, thats your problem." i said and walked out of the room. I walked into my room and played some Call Of Ducklett. It was getting dark so i walked out my room to get some food. But i could hear someone crying. I thought that it was the Charmander that told the thing he had gotten from me to my brother. But, it was Pikachu. I opened the door and saw him with his Tablet. I came up to him but he yelled at me. I ignored it and looked at the Tablet. He didnt want it so he took it away. But i am strongest and took it anyways. I was shocked. He had gotten catfished! It was a chat thing, where they said how old they were and where they lived. Without saying anything i looked down at my brother with a angry face and walked down to my parents. Pikachu tried to block me, but i got down anyways, i showed mom the screen. There were silence. Pikachu has just given a random person private information about himself. Luckly "she" hadnt got online since 11:00 and the message werent sent then. My dad texted that he knew what she did to my son and removed all the messages and deleted the app. The Tablet was then not usable in 1 year. That night we all was a bit mad at eachother. And that my friends was the day! Now bye." Raichu! Oh he's already away. Well, i listened to the story from the roof. It was pretty insane huh? Well. I don't have anything more to say. Bye!