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A Day In The Life Of Oddish

by ItzGardevoir

ItzGardevoir When Oddish comes, trouble comes with it!
Short Story.
Hi! I'm Oddish, and I live in Kanto!
My best friends are Gloom and Vileplume. My enemies are all the Fire Pokemon.
I Oddify all the others that are not Glooms or Vileplumes.
"Go away!" said Moltres. "I will find you again tomorrow!"
Honestly, I hate Moltres. She's such a bully.
"I know the feeling. I was getting chased by a Magmar once and it nearly killed me. Thank Arceus I smell horrid." said Gloom.
Who in the world is Arceus?
Blueclaweye likes this.
  1. ItzGardevoir
    Yes! It is.
    Mar 13, 2016
  2. Blueclaweye
    Hehe thats nice,is it going to continue?I really like it.:up::)
    Mar 12, 2016