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Pokemon Stories: A Darkrai's Weakness

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 About another of my pokemon,hope you like it!
Darken looked out the window to see snow fall delicately to the ground. He sighed,he hated winter,but loved it at the same time. What he liked was that it had Cloud's birthday,Christmas,and sleds in it. But,he didn't like it because of his childhood. Even the greatest dark lords have weaknesses.
Long ago,in the land of Jitan,there lived a small town called Anthymist Town. It was known for it's purple and dark atmosphere. In the town,there was a little house that sat beside a gigantic mansion. No one ever went in the broken down house. Myth has it that there lived a lonely Darkrai in it that would hurt anybody that came in.
That Darkrai was little Darken,he was abandoned by his trainer and sat there sadly. He thought it was his fault that his trainer left him. His trainer's words rung in Darken's head,whispering harshly around him.
"Your not good enough. Why did I get YOU?"
Darken cried,he had no one to turn to. He remembered the stones,pebbles,and the furious words of the town people,being thrown at him.
No one wanted him,he was a curse,a no-good thing,nothing more that a poisoned smoke of air. He floated to his toy box and got out a worn,old,coal black,train.
"Choo,choo."Darken said sadly,
"Chugga chugga,choo choo!"his words made it sound like a cacophony. He remembered riding the train in the mountains with his trainer. The echoes of the train moving and whistling,the glorious view,the houses,and,most importantly,the wonderful snow. The snow was so much to watch when it fell down.
He put his train away,not wanting to reminisce the good times. No,those were gone,all empty. To Darken,they never happened,no,nothing ever good happened to Darkraies. To him,those memories were dreams,simple,little,temporary,dreams. Nothing. More. He went to his bed and slept,dreaming of nightmares children had. To the children in Anthymist Town,they never had nightmares. This was because of Darken sleeping every night with nightmares,never any dreams.
To many,he was a selfish Darkrai,like the rest. None knew of what he did or was doing,because no one visited him. But one evening,a trainer named Cloud came to Anthymist Town. She was looking pokemon,a special one indeed. It was a Darkrai,that scared the town,no one was brave enough to face it. Cloud went up to house,with a crowd of people around her,sighed deeply,and went in.
There to her surprise,was a little Darkrai,playing with it's little toy train. Cloud slowly closed the door,and immediately,the Darkrai's head shot up. The light was dim and she could barely see an outline of it as it rushed into the shadows,camoflaging itself in the darkness.
"Hey little guy."she cooed as she got on her knees,
"It's okay,I'm not going to hurt you. All I'm doing is taking you with me so they don't worry about you."she begged.
It hissed and hid itself even more,clutching onto the train even tighter. She could tell,he was wild,to her,the more wild,the better. She could tell,there was something wrong. She decided to call it a name,see if it helps,
"Darken,I can tell there's something wrong,let me help you. I'm here for that reason,for you and you only."she saw him move a little. She reasoned more,
"I understand pain,I know it hurts,I know how it feels to be mistreated. I have been in the that situation before. Let me help you,Darken. Please,I want to help you."
Darken ran out of the shadows and to her,crying his pokemon heart. She softly stroked the flame-like hair,calming him down.
"C-C-Cloud? C-c-could you help me,please?"he asked,she was shocked he knew her name,but she hugged him closer.
"I can do better,I can give you friends,family,a home,AND help you. How do you like that?"she had done enough. He broke into tears,many,many tears.
Outside,everyone patiently waited for Cloud to come out.
"Maybe she died? No,I heard something other than screams."the people mumbled. At that moment,Cloud came out of the house with a young Darkrai embracing her hand.
"I am done. The Darkrai's going with me."and with that,they left. Twix bursted open Darken's bedroom door,
"Hey Darken! You wanna build a snowman with us?!"she exclaimed.
Darken chuckled and got on his scarf and hat,flying freely outside,happily playing with his friends. He had to agree with what Cloud said,she DID give friends,family,and most importantly,a home.
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  1. AzureEdge
    *Breaks a jar of feels*
    Good job! Love how you include what the people outside think of what's happening to cloud.
    Nov 7, 2014