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A complicated world: A complicated world part 3

by SquirtleLover

SquirtleLover The first battle against Hugo and Hielke gets underway! And a new caracter is introduced....
Hielke and I walked back to the garden. Professor Oak showed us the way to the battlefield. It was a huge battlefield in the middle of the garden. ‘I will act as referee,’ Professor Oak said. ‘Let the battle begin!’ I threw my Pokéball. ‘Alright then Squirtle, let’s show them what we can do!’ Squirtle landed easily on the ground. Hielke threw his Pokéball too. ‘Alright then Charmander, let’s win this!’ Charmander landed on the ground. ‘Charmander, start off with Scratch!’ Charmander ran towards Squirtle. ‘Squirtle, dodge that!’ Squirtle jumped in the air, dodging the attack. ‘Well done! Now use Tackle from mid-air!’ Squirtle used tackle from the air, successfully landing on Charmander. Dust flew all around the battlefield. ‘Attack it several times with Scratch!’ Hielke shouted. When the dust landed on the ground, I saw how Squirtle was being attacked several times in a row. ‘Attack back with Tackle, Squirtle!’ I thought it would work, but…. ‘Growl, Charmander!’ Hielke shouted. Charmander let out a high, piercing growl. Squirtle couldn’t attack because of it, because the sound waves made it fall on the ground. ‘Ha! Now your attack is lowered! You won’t win this! Scratch, Charmander!’ Charmander attacked Squirtle over and over, until it was thrown into mid-air and landed on the ground. ‘Squirtle is unable to battle!’ Professor Oak said. ‘The winners are Hielke and Charmander!’ Hielke hugged Charmander. ‘Well done my friend!’ I ran to Squirtle. ‘Squirtle, you were awesome. We will beat them next time.’
We heard the sound of wings. I looked up, and saw a Salamence flying to the battlefield. ‘That’s Justin, the champion!’ Professor Oak shouted. The Salamence landed on the battlefield, and a man stepped off. He had a woman in his arms. ‘You’d better take her to the lab, Samuel, and right away!’ Professor Oak took the woman, who was Professor Urganda, in his arms. ‘But Justin, what happened?’ ‘I’ll tell you later. First, we’ll have to treat Sanne, and quick!’
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  1. SquirtleLover
    Thank you very much :D

    I don't know when it will come out. You will just have to wait
    Jun 18, 2015
  2. Dayton Young
    Dayton Young
    Perfect ending for part three :)
    When does part 4 come out, lol
    Jun 18, 2015