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A complicated world: A complicated world part 2

by SquirtleLover

SquirtleLover After the encounter with Hielke and Professor Oak, Hugo finnaly gets to choose his first Pokémon!
I looked at the pictures. ‘Can we see them in real?’ I asked. ‘Of course you can,’ the professor said. He picked up the first Pokéball. ‘Bulbasaur is in this one. Come on out!’ Bulbasaur popped out of the Pokéball, and landed on the ground. ‘Next up is Charmander!’ He picked up the second Pokéball, and a Charmander landed on the ground. None of these two Pokémon really gave me a thrill. But when I looked up at Hielke, I saw that he was really excited about the Charmander. Professor Oak picked up the last Pokéball. ‘This is the Pokémon Squirtle! Come on out… WHOA!’ Professor Oaks feet slipped away, and he fell on the ground. The Pokéball shot in the air. The Squirtle popped out the Pokéball in mid-air. ‘Squirt…SQUIRTLE!’ ‘Professor, are you OK?’ Hielke asked. ‘Yes, but Squirtle is going to fall!’ I jumped and grabbed Squirtle out of the air. ‘Gotcha!’ I turned around in the air and landed on my back. ‘You’re safe now, Squirtle,’ I whispered. ‘Awesome catch, Hugo!’ Hielke said. ‘Alright then. Let’s get back to the main topic. Which Pokémon do you want?’ The Professor asked. ‘I want Charmander!’ Hielke said. Charmander jumped in his arms. The Professor gave him its Pokéball, a Pokédex and five Pokéballs. ‘Good luck on your adventure,’ he said. ‘So then, Hugo. Which Pokémon do you want?’ I looked at the Squirtle in my arms. I still was a bit in shock, because it had tears in its eyes, but for the rest, it was fine. When it landed in my arms, I already felt a connection between the two of us. ‘I want Squirtle.’ I said. ‘Alright then,’ the Professor said. ‘Here is its Pokéball, a Pokédex and five Pokéballs to get started!’ He gave me the stuff, and I put it in my backpack, except Squirtle’s Pokéball. ‘Squirtle, return!’ I said. ‘WAIT!’ Hielke shouted. I turned around. ‘What’s up, Hielke?’ I asked. ‘Let’s have a battle!’ He said. I smiled. ‘Alright then! You’re one!’