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A 'Charmsing Encounter - Chapter 1: Lost and Found

by The Voltagonist

The Voltagonist Pokécharms finally comes to life... only not the way you'd have expected it to! See your favorite members come to life in this thrilling tale!
The familiar, soothing sound of a Fletchling at the window awakens me. I shift my position ever so slightly, careful not to rustle the covers. I exhale a sigh of content as I ever so slowly open my eyes, revealing the world I reside in. As I prepare to greet life with a smile once again... I suddenly realize I'm not in my own bed.

In momentary confusion, I sit up swiftly.

“Careful," says a voice with a soft, melodic sound, "You're still in pretty bad shape. Wouldn't want your stitches to come loose, would you?"

As I face the source of the voice, I make eye contact with a Murkrow, perched at the bottom of the bed. She is the tiniest thing, her black feathers glittering in the sunlight, her red eyes bright as the moon. Around her neck hangs a golden cross, swaying gently with every move she makes. If I could describe her with one word, it would have to be “serene,” if of course it ever came to it.

“S-stitches?” I ask with a stutter.

I briefly feel a sharp pain in my side. As I grasp it nursingly, I notice that the bandages stretch from hip to peck, wrapping around the left half of my torso.

“Do you remember anything?” she asked, almost with a melody.

I took a moment to gather my thoughts, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t seem to recall anything that happened recently. I didn’t say anything, but I guess I didn’t have to.

“Yeah, I figured you bumped your head pretty hard. The crack rang through the trees like a Wood Hammer. Almost thought you lost something upstairs when we found you.”

I reach my hand up to the top of my forehead, only to feel more bandages wrapped across it.

“So, what’s your name?” she sings.

“Uhmm…” I reply, trying terribly hard to remember, “Tobias. Tobias Peirce.”

“I like it. It’s a strong name. I’m glad your fall didn’t knock it out of you.”

I allow myself to produce a slight smile.

“I’m kind of glad for that myself, actually.”

“Well, I suppose you’re wondering where you are and what happened to you, right?”

I nod my head, forcing myself not to respond sarcastically. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know in my situation?

The little Murkrow opens her mouth to speak, but a new, high-pitched voice cuts her off.

“You’re in Stellar Grove, Tobias.”

I turn to see who the new voice belongs to, only to face yet another complete and utter surprise. A Raichu, standing two feet in height, hatted in a pointed green cap, hanging a beautifully crafted sword and shield at her backside, is seated at the other end of the room, one leg crossed over the top of the other. She has the look of a veteran warrior, but also has a friendly and passive feel about her. I could not help but feel both intimidated and secure at the same time as I converse with her.

“Last night, you came here with two other Trainers, I believe. A boy and a girl, yes? Both were around your height and age, I believe. From the look of things, the three of you came here in an attempt to escape from something. From what, we hadn’t the slightest clue… that is, until you all were attacked by a swarm of a shadow. It seemed to be omnipresent amongst you, enveloping everything within it’s dark, insectrol fumes. Your friends disappeared from sight, whilst you were unknowingly thrown clear away from the chaos, impacting against one of the forest trees head-first.”

“Yes,” the black Corvus continued, a look of a fear seemingly resurfacing within her eyes, “when you were downed, the shadow must have thought, if it could think at all, that you had died on the spot. It left you be and took your friends with it, disappearing into thin air.”

“That’s right,” says the orange Muridae, “we were able to see the whole thing for ourselves. Fortunately, we were hiding behind some distant trees, undetected by that monstrosity of a shadow. When it left, we were able to get to you and bring you here.”

“And… how long exactly have I been here, now?” I manage to ask, unhindered by the now-unrelenting pain in my side and cranium.

“Nearly two weeks;” says the little Murkrow, her face brightening up again, “I changed your bandages twice, now.”

I smile, but I couldn’t help but feel disbanded from what I now cannot remember. It didn’t matter how hard I tried, nothing could help me remember why I came to this place, what exactly I was running from, and who I had seemingly left behind. All I could do now was give myself some time. If I couldn’t remember on my own, I would surely be able to pick up some sort of memorabilia down the road.

Allowing my mind to clear itself for the time being, I figured the least I could do is be hospitable back to the two who had saved my life. As I lay back, slowly but surely regaining my heartiness, I manage to speak.

“I guess I should thank you both for all that you’ve done for me;” I said, “What are your names?”

As I was saying this, the Murkrow flew up into the air, circled around for a bit, then finally landed just above my head. She looks down at me, as we made eye contact yet again.

“My name’s Magpie,” she chirps, “And my friend’s name is Linkachu. We’ve been friends for longer than we can remember.”

Linkachu hopped up out of her seat and began making her way towards the bed.

“Magpie,” she sighs, “I’m fully capable of introducing myself, thanks. Anyways, Tobias, you’re very welcome. It’s kind of refreshing to have some company again. For now, though, you should rest. You’re still in pretty bad shape, by the looks of it.”

She gently tucks me back into the sheets, softly humming a tune. It has a strong nostalgic feel to it, almost as if it should be played with an ocarina. I begin to feel my eyes droop again, getting heavier with each breath I take. As I float back to cloud nine, I feel that something’s about to change, rearrange itself into something bigger, fathomless, timeless. I feel as if everything I once knew would become pooled into a larger, darker circle of events that would eventually redefine us all.
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    @Kyubeon I never had time to write or draw due to heavy schoolwork duties. :,(
    I do really want to continue this. I have so many more members to add to the series.
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