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A Charmander's Life Story; Chapert 1; A Mother's Goodbye (warning, mild gore)

by Swampert "Beef Cake" Poke

Swampert "Beef Cake" Poke
In the break of dawn, only one movement rises. Through the soft red peaking of the sun, you could see her. It was nearly impossible not to, as she was a sleek black, purple color with dazzling, red wings. In the distance the sound of motors fills the air, the shouts of men are also quite prevalent. She is probably one of the most desired Pokemon in the world, famous for her mysterious appearances, most commonly spotted at night. She spots a weak, rotting tree. She spurts a lick of fire at it, controlling the temperature. She did not want here red, hot fire to burn down the entire forest, only this mere log. She was a popular Pokemon among the fellow forest dwellers. She had many friends, although most of them were jealous of how special she was. She clutched her eggs close to her flame sack to keep them warm. I will not go far into the anatomy of this Pokemon, but I will confirm that they do indeed have pouches, and near those pouches is a flame sack to keep their young warm.

The sounds of the motors were in her ears now, she suddenly sprung out of the tops of the trees. Her body sparkled in the now morning sky, but it was too late. A net fired in her direction, and suddenly pulls her to the ground. Unfortunately, the thing that broke her fall. . . Was. . . Her eggs. She screams in agony as she realizes her eggs are gone. Her children are dead, but, there is a warmth in her pouch. She reaches in and pulls an egg, ready to hatch, and gently roles it into the tall grass near. When she knows her baby is safe, she suddenly springs to life! Her dazzling, red wings spread! She turns around, and launches a scorching, metal melting, flamethrower attack! Then suddenly, a rock, sealed in the earth begins to glow a fierce red color! The connectivity between her and the stone drives out from the earth! Then it happens, she absorbs the stone and transforms once again, she is now twice as strong as she used to be. The sunlight in the area is now unbearable, sizzling on the poacher's skin.

She roars a mighty roar as a scorching fire blast attack expels from her flaming hot maw. She is now more powerful than ever, and she feels it. She is confident she will get her remaining egg, and her self out of this mess. The poachers bring out guns, no longer intent on capturing this creature, but to exterminate it before it does the same to them.The mother is now crazy with power, and she reverts to primal instinct. She begins cooking each poacher, one by one. Each one screaming a blood curdling scream, before dissipating to dark red ashes. Not even the bones survive her crazed fire. She is not done, only the leader remains. He is horrified, he begs for mercy, but she's not having it. She flies slowly towards the Jeep. Creating a painful tension for the poacher, she wants this one to die slowly and painfully for killing her young. She grabs him by the torso with her fiery maw. His insides begin to spill, and are subsequently singed by her flaming breath.

She begins to end the poor creature by eating him alive, but the poacher has one last trick up his sleeve, as his body is being swallowed, he pulls out a grenade. As he is being swallowed, he pulls the pin. As his hands are the only thing visible, he drops it to the hard ground beneath them. A minute passes, and. . . BOOOM! The mother goes down with it, she has been dispersed throughout the forest, her top half lies on the forest floor, with the look of surprise fresh on her face.

And the egg cracks a bit. . . .
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