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A Champion's Present

by NerdyNinja

Pyrodramon.png Foresttomon.png Solflaremon.png BioKabuterimon.png Sharkmon.png
NerdyNinja I won't be on charms on christmas sadly, so instead i am giving gifts now, and my first, is a preview of my handmade champion level digimon of the winx's partners:
1: Pyrodramon
Champion Level
Type: Vaccine
Attacks: Pyro Stream

2: Forrestomon
Champion Level
Type: Vaccine
Attacks: Nature's Wrath
Stump Pummeling

Champion Level
Attacks: Meteor Flare
Flaming Rush

Champion Level
Type: Data
Attacks: Bio Shocker
Cyber Nail

5: Sharkmon
Champion Level
Type: Vaccine
Attacks: Mega Bite
Shark Frenzy

6: Krittimon
Champion Level
Attack: Echo Blaster
Diamond Charge

Merry Early Christmas :)