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A broom with one stick.

by IDragonian912

One,stormy night.There was a trainer who was running to go to the pokemon center,And he stumbled across a Charmander who has a nametag on it "Sylva", She carried Sylva to the pokemon center to heal him up. But Nurse Joy has a bad news,Sylva is sick.After 2 days,He's finally back to health. They trained and trained,Until Sylva evolves into a Charmeleon,She was so happy about it,She now then battled the first gym leader,Brock.She beat him in the first try.Then,while walking away from the Gym,She hear something calm and very comfortable music, She send out Sylva. They then followed the where the music is coming from, It's a human.It has green hair and has notes on it, She then slowy walk near it. Then she said "That's such a beautiful voice ma'am".Then she realise it was a Pokemon, Then she called it a "Melloetta",Because of the word Melody and Llaneta (A girl's name). She leave the Melloetta alone. Then she realise she was walking with a Charizard. She said "Sylva?",Then the Charizard was happy about it. She beat the Second and third Gym,Fourth and fifth,And sixth and seventh. But then,She lose from the eighth gym, She needs another pokemon but she still win in the second try.She then beat the Elite four and the champion "Blue".She realise that how strong Sylva is. but then Sylva realise that how much stronger Love "Trina" is giving to her. Trina said "I don't need any other pokemon anymore,Cause I got you,You're the best Sylva!",Then she hugged Sylva.30 years later,Trina is in a Hospital,She was shot by a Rainbow bird and A white dragon-like figure in the Sky, Sylva went to see her in the hospital, After that, Trina said "T-This i-is m-my L-last word Sylva,I love yo-ou mo-ore th-an Anyo------------",She died because so much blood is lost from her. Sylva's tears are Evaporating,There's Sylva beside on her grave,Forever staying there,Until death.....
  1. IDragonian912
    This is going to be a series for Sylva :)
    Aug 13, 2016
  2. IDragonian912
    Correction: Please read the "He" in the part where She stumbled across a Charmander,Because the Character here is a She,No spoilers yet :)
    Aug 12, 2016