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A boy and his Ralts

by doomandgloom44

doomandgloom44 This is a story of a boy, and his first Pokemon. Watch as they pull out the best of eachother. The shy and timid Taylor, and the lonley yet excited Ralts Amelia.
Chapter one.
I was fine with Petalburg city when we moved. And it was all calm untill about a month ago. My father had said that I needed to go on a Pokemon journy like my older brother Mat. He left about three years ago. First off, I know I'm going to sound like a wimp, but Pokemon scare me. My mother always told me that it was an irrational fear. It was easy for her to say, she was once the leader of a ghost type gym in a far off region. I think today, my parents are going to force me out of the house, make me conquer my fear. I walked downstairs to face the conversation before me.
"Taylor, me and your father have been thinking, and I-we, think it's time you leave and live off the land, and be brave." 'I knew it.' "I know it won't be easy, but your father has agreed to help you catch your first Pokemon. And at an easy, close place as well."
"I'm taking you to Petalburg woods, so you can catch a pokemon. You can use one of my Pokeballs as well. " 'At least they didn't expect me to do everything by myself.' I thought to my self as my father opened the door and pushed me outside.
"Dad, why do I have to do this? You know I'm scared of them right?"
"Taylor, Your almost twelve. Your Brother left at the age of ten. It's time for you to leave the nest, and become a man."
"What if I don't want to be a man?" I said as we walked into the forest, and the noises of chirping pokemon became audible.
"Nonsense!" My dad said as he walked me to a large streach of grass. "If I'm right, your new partner is somewhere in there, so go get 'em!" He shoved me slightly.
"Dad, come on. I want to go home." I said as my anxiety picked up
"You are not leaving untill you have caught your own Pokemon. Now come on...." My dad paused as if he was going to say something else, then began lauging. "Taylor, I think you made a friend." He said this trying not to laugh more. I looked down and screamed. Clutching my pantleg was a green haired creature looking up at me.
"G-get it off of me." I whispered. The thing looked up at me an frowned, then I heard a noise, like that of a child.
"Who are you calling it? I'm a girl, not an IT" The creature emphasized the word it. "Now please pick me up, I'm tired of walking on this cold ground."
"Son, you going to catch it or not?" Against my better judgement, I picked it-no, her up. This time it smiled, then without warning it bit me.
"Taylor, an intresting name. I'm Amelia. Nice to meet you." I felt a sudden spell of nausia and dropped Amelia and the Pokeball. I fell to the ground, and the last thing I heard before blacking out was a soft ding.
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