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Katie's Hoenn Adventures: A Bit Overprotective...

by Rainbowditto

Rainbowditto Having a pokemon that's willing to everything you ask may not be as amazing as you may think...
You yawn as you walk around Mauville city. It's been 4 months since you had first arrived in Hoenn and now you have a full party of pokemon. Faith, your latias, is at your side floating lazily around you as you glance at the scenery.
"Master," Faith says, "is everything ok? You've been quiet..." You sniff and glance up at Faith. The fact that you have a latias itself is great, but who knew that these sort of pokemon can use telekinesis? You didn't, that's for sure. You shrug and sniffle again. "Nah I'm fine, just thinking." Faith nods and continues to follow you. However, after a few seconds, Faith is asking again. "Are you certain? I can help you, you know."
You nod and shrug, fiddling with a rock you placed in your pocket. "Trust me," you say, "If I had anything to tell you I'd let you know immediately."
Another trainer walks past you, a small electrike trotting by it's heels. The electrike yaps at you before it's trainer beckons it to move on. The electrike follows it's trainer reluctantly, but not before yelping at you one last time. Faith snaps, and zooms after the trainer in a flash.
"What did you say about my master?" she hisses at the electrike, "I'll have you know that my master is the kindest, most amazing human and she did not force me to join her!" The trainer seems taken aback, before he begins yelling at Faith, telling her to back off and yelling at you to call her back. You shrug and twitch the corner of your mouth to the left.
"Sorry," you call to him as you walk up, "but Faith seems to have an asshole sensor. Do you see any assholes around here?" The trainer stops before grunting angrily at you.
"Only asshole I see is the bitch who can't control her pokemon." Faith lunges at him, but you grab the neck of her scarf and pull her back a bit.
You shrug and turn away. "At least mine can stick up for me, unlike that electrike." That seemed to have set the trainer off. He grabs your arm as you try to walk away, a hand on his pokeball holder. "Wait." he says, "Let's battle over it. You win, I'll leave you alone. But if I win, you teach that thing some manners." You glance at him for a moment with your hand still on Faith's scarf. It seemed reasonable, so why not?
"Sure." you say, reaching for a pokeball, "Let's go." You whip out Finn's pokeball in an instance, and soon your big marshstomp is on the battlefield. You grin as a slight panic begins to settle in your opponent's eyes.
He grunts, and motions for the electrike to attack. "Thundershock!" he calls, but of course, it does nothing. A newbie, it looks like. You giggle, and put your hands in your pockets. "Water ground type remember? Doesn't affect him." You yawn and lean back against Faith who is now floating behind you again. "Muddy Water, Finn" Finn obeys and the electrike faints in an instance.
The trainer looks shocked, but with a grumble, he pulls out his next pokemon. A wingull... You giggle again, and call Finn to return. He does so obediently, and soon you're reaching for Saffron's pokeball.
You toss Saffron out, and she grumbles at you for a second before she realizes that she has something else to take out her anger on. "Thunder!" you call, knowing that Saffron would just beat the kid to the next move anyway. Saffron ignores you, and goes for a Volt Switch instead. Terry is then flung out onto the battlefield unknowingly to both you and her. The trainer blinks at you, but with his wingull at half health, he's not going to be staring into space for long.
"Fly!" the trainer shouts, and before you have a chance to give Terry an order, the wingull is high in the sky. You grumble and squint at the sky to see where the wingull could come down from, but it seems you should have been looking down. Terry gets hit, and although you can tell it did hardly anything, the trainer lets out a whoop in joy. Not for long though...
You glare at the trainer, and then shoot Terry a glance. "Seed Bomb." You say. Terry smiles happily, and with a hop and a skip, she's directly across the wingull. The wingull suddenly looses it's momentary happiness as a Seed Bomb seed lands smack on it's face with a pop. It caws in pain and annoyance, but Terry isn't done. She keeps shooting it until it flops over fainted.
"H-Hey!" The trainer calls, "That was unfair!" You shrug and put Terry back into her pokeball. "And you should be going now." you say. Faith would need to learn when and when not to strike out, and as for Saffron... You grunt as you begin to walk away, deep in thought again. Maybe having an overprotective pokemon wasn't the best thing after all...
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