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Pokemon: A great adventure: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

by FearfulNights

Nova and Solar.PNG
FearfulNights These are supposed to be the Admins of Team Nightmare
But they're more like the winy puppies.

Here we've got Nova and Solar
Nova's main Pokémon is a sassy 'lil Meowth
and Nova herself tries to be all tough and serious but is just a little whiny ninja impersonator
She got to be admin after no joke beating the hell outta everyone who was competing for the rank
Several went to the hospital. So Nova got the rank because Lunar thought that was hilarious
Nova wears her costume with pride,

And then theres Solar. Lunar doesn't remember how he got onto the team but one day he just showed up and everyone else was just like "whatever"
Solar's main Pokémon is a energetic Snorlax
and Solar himself doesn't really fit the title "Bad Guy" He's just a nice dude who likes fairy types.
He refuses to put on an actual Team Nightmare costume so instead they just gave him a star pendant to put on his sweatshirt, as well as the Night Vision enhancers or whatever.