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A Pokemon Life for Me: ~ 9 ~ Heating Things up!

by ekatsu

ekatsu Sorry yall ive been trying to upload and thankfully I got to email the draft (with a slightly bleeding hand ;-;) HERE WE GO @Devan_Plays
When I woke up, my pokeball was on the floor. Crushed. Nobody was around. Beedrill were buzzing around. I scrambled to hide behind a large oak tree. A beedrill stopped next top the tree. My heart started racing.
No, no, no! I’m not here, go AWAY!
Suddenly he buzzed off again. Phew. But where is Becca and the others?!
A rustle in the bushes. I braced myself for impact, but none came. Machop came out of the bushes.
“MACHOP! Is that you?”
He glanced at me incredously.
“You’re alive?!” He gasped.
“NO, I’m dead. OF COURSE I’M ALIVE!!” I snapped, then looked at him apologetically.
“What do you mean I’m alive?” I questioned him.
“Beedrill poisoned you and Joey won. Then when we were walking we were attacked by a swarm of beedrill. Everyone scattered, and the beedrill crushed your pokeball.”
“Woah.. How’s Piper and Becca?!”
He glanced away.
“I- I don’t know..” He muttered.
“Let’s find them!” I stood up, but collapsed again.
“Wha?” I cocked my head.
“Quilava, you’re not invincible. You were poisoned and it’s still in your system.” He looked exasperated.
He jumped back as I angrily let out a burst of flame from my neck.
“BEEDRILL!!” He yelped.
I whipped around, only to crumble again. Machop smacked a beedrill and gave another an uppercut. Sheesh.
The bugs were strong against his type, and he was outnumbered. I used fire blast and set the forest around us ablaze. Oops..
When I turned a large shape was attacking the beedrill. I ran up to him.
“Who are you?!” I gasped. It was a Machoke!
“It’s me Quilava!”
He evolved!
The fire was creeping in and Machoke looked too hot. He was sweating and slowing down. Even I was getting hot. What now?!
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