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7 Pokemon Predictions for anime

by KappaCollector

KappaCollector 7 things that could happen in the new pokemon anime
7. Jessie catches Mimikyu (affectionate personality towards team rocket, rivalry with Pikachu)
6. Meowth meets a trainer with Alolan-Meowth, instant friendship
5. Ash catches Crabrawler (total jerk until it evolves into a jolly giant)
4. Team Rocket's new objective is to learn about and create their own Totem pokemon
3. After the school arc, Ash tries to complete all the trials and grand trials
2. Ash and Kiawe become "Ash/Barry" style rivals
1. James catches Fomantis (extremely shy and hides behind James a lot)

  1. Riverrunner
    This is fairly solid, actually. I can definitely see this happening.
    Wow. I think you may have predicted the whole series.
    Nov 23, 2016