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A Pokemon Life for Me: ~ 7 ~ Piper's Victory

by ekatsu

ekatsu Will Piper pull it off? READ ON MY READERS >:)
"Tackle! Now vine whip! Hit it with a stun spore!"
Bayleef and Piper were training and absolutely annihilating a poor tree. They were doing great, and for the second time, Bayleef, Eevee and Piper went into the gym.
It was a long and hard battle, by the time Bayleef got to Pidgeotto, she fainted. Then Eevee was courageous. I gave her a pep talk, by the way.
"Eevee keep using sand attack! Make it impossible for it to hit you! Now quick attack!" Piper shouted.
Eevee rammed into pidgeotto, fainting it.
All went well, Falkner gave Piper the Zephyr badge and she was so happy, she looked like she was going to start jumping up and down. Falkner was really nice, he was a young man with Blue hair and eyes. And so, we were off again, to the next gym.