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by phoenixacezero

once upon a time there was prince. the prince was dreamweaver. His routine was simple. he would create dreams, bake, increase his strength and search for his home. day in, day out repeating the boring process over and over. one day he retaught a spell he had forgotten. the spell allow him to see his home again and help it track it down. when cast the spell, he saw his home in disarray caused by dark fairies. the prince was about to charge, but he stop when he saw the queen of the dark fairies. the weaver just stood there, enthrall by the queen and watch till the battle ended. He was glad, his heart was sad, but he also felt another emotion, one he never felt, one he tried to denied. for days and night, he tried to fight it, but in the end the weaver succumb to flame, the flame for the dark fairy queen, accept it only to be a crush, for in the past , many maiden tried to seduce the prince in order to gain power, so the prince decided to ask the queen on a date. while the queen refuse to the date, she was started to develop an interest in the dreamweaver and in the fact that someone find her beautiful, decided to befriend him. as time pass, the dreamweaver and the dark fairy form a bond. one day the dark fairy queen started to date a gent. as the fairy spent more time with the gent, the dreamweaver became jealous. One day the dark fairy queen and the dreamweaver prince got into a fight and the dreamweaver ended up heartbroken . the queen went to gent's house to forget the fight. But when she got near the door she overheard the gent and his friend talking about how they mess with the queen's emotion in order to use her power. The dark fairy queen ran to her friend; a princess and cried her sorrow and explained to her. The dreamweaver overheard the conversation. The dreamweaver became enrage by the gent and decided to punish. After the gent was punish, the dreamweaver decided to visit the dark fairy queen in her dream and comfort her. It was after that night that their relationship was reforge, but each held a secret from each other. For the dreamweaver it was the sin he committed for the dark fairy and the dark fairy, it was the new emotion for the Dreamweaver forming in her heart.
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