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6 Things I Want To See In Pokemon Stars

by KappaCollector

KappaCollector agdkjfk jdfnvj kdnk jdfn (These will include evolutions, pre-evolutions, alola forms, and other things for this possible game)
6. Komala evo: normal/psychic (slightly aware, awoken to activate psychic powers) level up with yawn

5. Turtonator pre-evo: fire (just make it a cute version of Turtonator) level up

4. Guzma and Hau as Kahunas: Hau could be a Psychic Type kahuna with Raichu, Guzma with Golisopod (they could do so much with this

3. New pokemon: (we didn't get that many new pokemon) We could get some dolphin pokemon, snowman pokemon, maybe some more Alola-forms. It would be cool

2. More on Necrozma and Ultra Beasts: I am really confused about Necrozma, maybe a few more Ultra Beasts, also I want to learn a bit more about them

1. Walk/Run with pokemon: we have the data, Yo Kai Watch did it, they did it before. We can do this
*that* gay guy likes this.