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6 fanarts once again

by roanyael

6fanarts 3.jpg
roanyael Intro

Hello there my flawless friends. It's me, Yumi. I've been gone for a while. But I'm back rn. I have planned this for a while now, but my tablet broke and I had to start over. I really liked the previous 2 6 fanarts challenge and I just wanted to do it once aigain. So I asked people to give me characters and I ended up with 40+ characters. So I put them on a random spinning wheel and I ended up with these 6. I hope ypu enjoy it.


About this artwork.

As I said earlier. This drawing I did the 6 fanart challenge. I asked a lot of people who ended up giving me 40+ characters in total. I put them all on a spinning wheel and it ended up being the following six characters: Bennet from the game Genshin Impact. Clove from The Hunger Games books and movie. Inej from the series Shadow and Bone. Lucia from the game Octopath Traveler. Val from the game Brawlhalla. And lastly Wallace from Pokemon RSE/ORAS.



End note.

I hope you enjoyed this post. And as always. Stay safe, stay healthy. Stay at home and most of all. Stay... FLAWLESS

  1. AxlTheM@n
    me i have blonde hair and I'm white no beard.
    Oct 16, 2021