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Likes: 500 Likes, Pyrrha

by Palusokudo

Palusokudo Man this was hard to draw, most of all it was Pyrrhating.:p A lot of paper was harmed in the making of this drawing.

I was going to draw my other smash main but watching too much RWBY has made me draw Pyrrha. I did this pic because it looks like she's likeing something lol. Thx for that 500 likes and now I'm on the road to 1,000 likes!

As always I hope you guys like it! :)
All rights for Pyrrha and rwby go to Rooster Teeth so don't kill me.
  1. Andrewski
    Congrats! You deserve every single one of them!
    Feb 8, 2017
    33v33_lover and Palusokudo like this.