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Did You Know?: 5 Things I Doubt You Knew About Kit-Kat

by Il Fantasma

Il Fantasma Another trend has started! 'Course, I had to be a part of it! Here we go~! Oh, and by the way, there's only five things here because I couldn't think of anything else. xD
  1. Her mother is a brown-furred Furfrou with mysterious healing abilities. As for her dad, who's a Ninetales, he's fairly average, but he's almost always at work... or should I say, "at work." Kagami also has a brother, who's also a Furfrou like their mom but he's been at college for a few years now, and she misses him dearly.
  2. While walking home from running an errand for her mum, Kit-Kat found a tiny, lost Ekans in the grass by the sidewalk, who meekly approached her. To the Vulpix, it was the size of the average garter snake in length, if not a bit bigger, and she could've sworn she could hear its stomach growling. With sympathy in her heart, she brought the Ekans home with her, gave him the spare room that was once her brother's to sleep in, and named him Drake.
  3. She never had much of an interesting past. Other than the realization at the age of seven that her father's relationship with her mother was not the most love-filled or true, her childhood was rather average. A year later was when she met her true friends, my other Pokesonas, and they're still friends to this day.
  4. Kit-Kat has the ability to switch in and out of her Vulpix form, into that of a gijinka. I'm sure you've seen pictures of gijinka!Kagami before, right? Most of the time, she stays in her Pokemon form, but if she's in a situation that calls for the use of hands, into her gijinka form, she goes.
  5. Kagami was my first-ever RP character, made when I was a member of this Gravity Falls website. A lot of what she does represents what I'd do in the situations she gets herself into, which is also the case for her naivety. Because of this, she will forever hold a special place in my heart.