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A Pokemon Life for Me: ~ 5 ~ Big Changes

by ekatsu

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Suddenly Chikorita whipped around.
"A Pokémon! In that bush."
We all turned. A flash of brown. Piper saw it too.
"Go! Chikorita!!"
Chikorita stood tall. (As tall as a Chikorita could stand, anyway)
An Eevee jumped out of the brush.
"Chikorita! Tackle!"
Chikorita rammed into the Eevee hard and quick. It stumbled but put up a sand attack. Then it used covet. Then Piper threw the Pokeball. It rocked once. Twice... Then it clicked!
"YESSSSSS!!!!!! We did it Chikorita! My first catch!"
Wow, that was sudden. Flame and Becca went up to Piper, asking her questions.
"Wow are you gonna evolve it?"
"What eeveeloution are you hoping for?"
"Are you naming it?"
Everyone jumped back. Piper continued softly.
"I'd like it to be an umbreon and I'm naming it Fang. It'll evolve when it's time."
"Wow, I had no idea you were that loud."
"Shut up Becca."
Chikorita impressed me. She said she wanted to battle me. Little did she know about type matchups...
"Cyndaquil, I choose you! You're going down!"
"A 2v2 battle?"
"Sure, why not? This time let's let the Pokémon do their thing."
Ooh, easy. I waited...
I dashed at her and let out a bellow of smoke. She coughed and did something impressive. She used her vines to lift her over the smoke. Tactical.
"WOAH! Chikorita learned vine whip!" That was Piper.
She wrapped me up and almost squashed me.
She threw me down, dazing me.
I let out a blast of fire, I was good at that, the sentrets and weedles and caterpie were good pracrice along the way here. She was burned. Yes! Then-
"He's evolving!! OH MY GOSH!"
I felt different. Bigger. Stronger.
"Quilava! Take em down!"
Quilava? Where? Who? OH! Meeee??? Whelp, sorry Chikorita.
She used leer but I avoided it. I blasted her with ember again, and she was dazed. She soon fainted with burn. Then Eevee came out, shaking." I was so weak after that, when she tackled me, I blacked out.
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    Flame the Trainer
    Thats me, spell things wrong and dont care.
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  2. ekatsu
    Hope y'all enjoy. Lol probably spelled yall wrong but heck with it
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